RotR & connected MDE peeps

Okay, I will be in a group of 7, 5 adults and 2 children. I have myself and 2 other adults who do not have their own MDE accounts (older women who don’t really want to have anything to do with it), my sister has my 6yo niece, and our friend has her 9yo son. We’re all connected, and I’m able to make FP+ for everyone

The question is: will all of the 3 adults who have MDE be able to get BG for the entire group? My friend was under the impression that she couldn’t do it for anyone controlled by another account (i.e. kids and the adults who don’t have their own).

When you go to join a BG it takes you to your family and friends list. Though I have not tried with a group that big I don’t see why you cant do it for everyone.

Yes you can include anyone listed on your family and friends list who is tapped into the park.

As soon as one person gets a BG, the others will get an error message.

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Okay, so the 2 adults I manage (who do not have their own MDE) don’t show up in the other adults’ friends and family lists.

From what I understand the only way for anyone else to connect with them they’ll have to be set up for their own accounts. I think I may have to just create alias e-mails to make dummy accounts for them. I really want more than one person trying for BGs. Am I allowed to be logged in to my own account on multiple devices?

I think your friends need to send an invite to the people you manage but using your email address.

You can do it all in the app.

From the icon with 3 horizontal bars in the lower right, go to My Profile. Go to the tab Family & Friends List. Make sure “Yes, share my Family and Friends List” is turned on.

Whoever is to request BGs, have them tap Add a Guest just above that. If you’re already a friend of theirs, they’ll see all your friends as options to add. You’ll need to approve on your end.

Yes, you can log into multiple devices with the same credentials, and personally I recommend this if you are not already set up to be linked on multiple accounts.

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So, forgive me for being confused…we have one MDE account where I am the primary. DH and 2 kids are in my friends and family. DH and I have iPhone 8+'s, DS (age20) has iPhone7, DD (age 17) has iPhone 11. Should we all sign in to the app at the same time and try to get a BG? Is there any advantage to just letting DD sign in with her iPhone11? (I’ve read comments in another thread about newer phones having fewer problems with the app.) Also, I am assuming we should all turn off the Wifi and use cellular?

Yes, it is recommended that all 4 of you sign in and try to get BG for your whole party, especially if you prefer an earlier time.

It sounds like people have been equally successful all signing into the same MDE account (everyone can sign into yours), or signing into individual MDE accounts that are linked with appropriate permissions.

We had found WDW wi-fi to be laggy in general, so the 4 of us used our AT&T data plan and found it very responsive. (AT&T was a little laggy in the afternoons at times, I suspect when crowds property-wide peaked, but seemed pretty reliable in mornings). My husband got us BG22. I haven’t heard anyone call out a specific carrier as having issues, so hopefully someone will speak up if they have.

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Some people have had better success with WiFi, some better with cellular. Best advice I’ve heard is to have a mix of each on different phones.

The single trick that makes the biggest difference is to push the “my status” button rather than “join boarding group” when attempting to obtain a BG because it refreshes from Disney’s server immediately rather than every few minutes.

I have done this about 6 times so far. I always use data over wifi, cause Disney wifi is not the greatest, to say the least. It really is not a big deal. Most everyone I have seen around me have not had a problem getting a BG. I understand the anxiety of the unknown, but I can tell you it has been working just fine. Just make sure you and your party are tapped into the park before ooening


Thanks everyone!

Thanks. I actually have a friend at home who is also going to login af me and try… she’s going a week or so later, so I’ll do the same for her.

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Hi Jeff,
I hoped you can help me understand your advice. It it best to log-into MDE minutes before park opening, click My Status, and Refresh right at park opening time? Thank you!

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Kind of. You can log in to MDE any time after entering the park but just make sure to refresh (force close and reopen the app) about 5 minutes beforehand to reset the cache. Click “Find Out More” and wait until precisely 8:00:00am (or park opening), then click “My Status.”

Here is a thread that explains in detail with screenshots.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. Your step by step guide rocks. Really, thank you.

There is one point that isn’t crystal clear in my mind.

You suggest starting from the Find Out More page and looking for a red Join Boarding Group Button before clicking My Status.

I have seen some folk suggest clicking Find Out More/My Status Before Park Opening (as opposed to checking fist if ’Find Out More/Join Boarding group lights up’), and then refreshing from within the My Status stage for a blue Join Button.

Since a user can force a refresh from My Status but not from Find Out More, is it not best to start from My Status?


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That is a good question. The reason I don’t recommend camping on the My Status page is because the refresh apparently doesn’t always work, even if it says it is refreshing. People have reported more success starting on the “Find out more” page.

That said, what works varies. Just practice on your phone beforehand with up on a browser, and see what sequence gets the buttons to light up fastest!

Totally appreciate your sharing this information. Thank you @Jeff_AZ

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