Rope Drop if Staying Offsite


My group of 11 is staying offsite a trip starting March 14, 2021. Trip includes 6 total park days; 3 x MK and 1 at ever other park. We have littles, so seriously considering the 3 x MK days to be half days once the park gets busy.

We would like to rope drop all 4 parks, but are interested in the best way of doing so as some posts have stated this might not be possible because of parking being opened later than bus and skyliner routes.

Can anyone provide any suggestions?

Thank you in advance,

You will not beat the first buses but it is still worthwhile to arrive early. Most parks are opening about 45 min or so before official opening time. Arriving by car you may have to U-turn and circle back a couple times if you arrive too early.

It seems like most people are saying they arrive by car about 60-75 min before official opening? Hopefully others with recent experience will pipe in.


Here are some recent reports:


We drive to parks arrive 1 hr. b4 official opening, pay for parking (when they start letting us in) and have been through temp/security check and finished at least one ride before official park opening.

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