MK pre park open plan

Plan so far for a 0900 MK (Thursday CL 2) open time:
0650 - Arrive via Uber to GF for Gasparilla Grille 0700 mobile order.
0740 - Be in tapstyle line (new GF walkway).
0810 - Enter taps
0817 - in 7DMT queue
0828 - in PP queue
0841 - in Space Mt.queue
0856 - Off of Space Mt (I think by being aggressive early we can knock out those three headliners before official PO).

My question is where to go next… Riding which attractions next in what order will save us the most time? PotC, JC, BTMR, and Splash all have long waits during this COVID time…

I’m inclined to go JC -> PotC -> BTMR -> Splash because I think this might save the most time (plus this is logistically mostly in walking and attraction duration order), but I’m curious to hear others’ thoughts.

Is this an actual Touring Plan using the software? (I don’t have any experience with the new pre-rope drop stuff.) But I just feel like on and off 7DMT in 11 minutes is a little aggressive.

That being said, I would skip Space in the AM and go straight from PP over to Frontierland. Do BTMR and Splash if it is open and then Jungle Cruise. You’d have to just have Space be “the thing” you wait for in the afternoon or try to come back at night.

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I think we’d be among the first 25 groups into the park if we’re at the taps at 0740, which is why I think we’ll probably almost walk on to 7DMT. The probelm with going over to Frontierland early, is that those rides won’t be open till official park open (0900). They’ve been opening just a few rides when they let people through MK taps (0800-0815). Those rides from what I gather are PP, 7DMT, Space and maybe the carousel.

I would love to know if this works! We are going in March and I had the same idea to go to GF or Contemporary quick serve. I was told that you could only arrive at Grand Floridian if you were on Disney transportation?? Not sure how they could keep Uber/Lyft out if you had a dining reservation. Please update if this is a possibility.
Many thanks!

We’re headed in April. I think it should work fine. Maybe you could let me know if it works since you’ll be there before us. :wink:

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Here is what we experienced 2/14 being one of the first through tapstyles when they opened. We had a similar mindset to yours, not using a touring plan per se but just generally trying to hit long-queue attractions:
Bus area health screen began 8:06
Taps opened 8:11
8:30 off 7D
Off SM 8:48
Off BTMRR 9:15
Off pirates 9:35
All of these 4 were near-walk-on when we got to them. After pirates, all lines had built up. Notably, Peter Pan had not opened early that day so we caught it later.
On 2/12 we went straight to Frontierland at opening. BTMRR started letting people through/running at 8:34.
Splash did not open prior to 9:00 either day.


To better answer your actual question, I would head for BTMRR, then Pirates, then JC. Might catch Splash in between if I happened to see it opening.


Also going to add, I had an eye on the group walking from Contemporary Resort. Their health screen opened about 8:04, just a little earlier than the bus groups. But both were held at taps until 8:11. Also, they appeared to hold the BUSES from entering the bus drop-off area until a certain time. Our bus was toward the front and we were held for a few minutes, but looking back there was a huge line of buses behind ours. I guess that was a way to keep a crowd from forming until they were nearly ready to open.

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Here’s what we found week on Monday Feb 15:
Walked from Contemporary
Held at temp screening tent on sidewalk until 8:04a
Walked a bit, then held again along path until 8:12a
Saw folks on the GF side, apparently on the same schedule
Didnt see or hear buses arriving yet
Held at tapstyles until 8:21a. Park opened.
At 7D by 8:27a and … it was closed for technical difficulties :smile:
Rode PP. Walk on
Walked to Big Thunder and … it was closed for technical difficulties :smiley:
Walked to Pirates. Walk on.
Checked BT again. Still down. And Splash too.
Then it was around 9:00a.
Lesson learned: go with the flow and have a magical day!


Reporting live this morning…

9:00am and it is not open yet. And there is no estimated opening of Mine Train. The line is all the way around and wrapping in the queue area for Enchanted Tales.

I noped out of that one. So many shades of not worth it IMHO.


We had great luck with getting in line for 7D just before close both days, each time the wait was 30 minutes or less.

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:open_mouth: That’s crazy. Good move to let others stand there while you get several other things done.


How far back in line were you when the taps opened?

Maybe 2 or 3 people, pretty much at the front.

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Nice, so 7DMT was open right away when you got to it and you only had a brief wait?

I’m excited to see that my idea mostly works when they open the taps early. Thanks for the inside info trip report.

Sorry you had a rough go of it. Hopefully the rest of the day goes way better.

Oh, it’s not a Must-Do for me. It’s a “if the line isn’t ridiculous and I feel like it” ride. I don’t get the hype. Lol.

Now, Flight of Passage I will wait 120 minutes for (the line that Mine Train was up to when they got it operational). That is my only Must-Do.


On 2/14 it was open right away. On 2/12 it wasn’t, so we didn’t wait but ended up regretting that choice. I wouldn’t wait for the situation @lizzieanne771 describes today, but if the line isn’t too ridiculous (ie not past Little Mermaid) I would.

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