HS opening/transport

Continuing the group of opening reports,
on 2/10 we walked over from YC, left 7:45 and arrived to health screen line at 8:05 near the front. They opened screen at 8:13 and there was no further hold at taps. We were off MMRR at 8:33, off SDD at 8:53 and off TSMM at 9:09.
On our next trip we will not be staying within walking distance. Does anyone have recent info on taking the bus to HS for rope drop? Is it possible to get there in time via bus or is it necessary to Uber to Swan? We will be staying at ASMovies and will have 5 people and a stroller in tow which might make Uber more difficult.


Wow that makes the mile of walking from YC seem worth it. Nice job.

Was this for a 9 a.m. posted opening time?


Thanks. When we will be there, park opening is supposed to be at 10. We have a 7:30 breakfast at Trattoria and will then walk over. I was planning on a 9 a.m. arrival to HS, so that should work.

Don’t forget, they’ve been extending hours (usually HS moves from 10 to 9 opening) about 2 or 3 weeks ahead of time.

Right now, hours are extended through the first week of March.


Right. Disney has been extending hours on Friday afternoons for 1 week at a time Sunday to Saturday. Basically 15 days notice.

I wanted to do Trattoria for one of my HS days but am not anymore because they only open at 7:30. So A & C 2 days. 7:05 adr.

Thanks, my plan is to keep an eye on the hours. If they change HS to 9, I will cancel the 7:30 breakfast and we will get something at Boardwalk Bakery at 7.

Another option, which we learned about on this forum, is to Lyft to or near the Speedway gas station and walk from there. No ADR needed. This week, on Tues Feb 16, our driver dropped us near there, at entrance to Boardwalk parking lot, at 7:30a. Easy walk on sidewalk to the Hs entrance near Skyliner station, by 7:40a. Only about 5 groups ahead of us. Held there til 7:45a, then walked to temp screening tent. Saw Skyliner folks start unloadinf and lining up separately at 7:50. Held there til 8:15a (I think), then gates opened.

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We are staying at YC, so getting to HS will be easier this trip.
I will have to make some adjustments if official open times change. I had been planning on arriving by 9 for a 10 o’clock opening. If it changes to a 9:00 opening, a 7:30 breakfast won’t work, since then we would want to be at the park by 8. QS in the YC opens at 7.

I’m glad I read this. Trying to figure out the “best” hotel to stay in the night before our HS day. We are currently at a Disney Springs hotel and have a car. Wondering if we should switch to Dolphin, although we really don’t want to use our Marriott points. Hm… forgot that most likely opening time would move from 10 am to 9 am. I want to be as close as possible.