Room request sent at 30 days?

Hi all,
I’ve used the room request a number of times and I think it usually goes out 5 days or so before the trip. This time, it went out at 30 days. Is this new and if so, how well does it work? It seems like there’s a better chance that they will ignore it since the reservation is so far out?
Will they refax it? Or is there anything I can do to gave it faxed closer to the arrival date?

Here is a post detailing the change. The further down you read, the more details you get.

Ours was sent in at 30 days and we got our top pick of room numbers. You can see track record across many requesters on this post:

Based on a conversation i had with a manager they enter the request into their reservation system, they remarked about my selections past few times I checked in.

So to add, they have centralised the room assignment function, so all resorts including DVC resorts are now done by one team.

As a result, they have to start the process much earlier now. So requests that are in by then will be entered and considered first.

Sending your request in 5 days before may mean the rooms have pretty much been allocated already, and they won’t rejig things just because a new request arrives.

Thanks for the info, everyone!

How do you set up your resort stays on the newly formatted web page? When I try it keeps asking me what parks I’m going too but not what resort. I would like to have my room request emailed.

If you’ve got your trip set up, there’s a grey ‘request room’ link there.

It won’t let me set it up. The only option it gives me is for ride experience at a park. And I’m signed in.

So you have the trip and hotel set up but just can’t do the request?

This is what I get when I go on request room.

@FaithR01 , are you trying to add a trip - as in your dates and resort etc or to request a room for your trip?

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Trying to add a trip so that I can then request a room

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Click the dashboard link at the top of the forum, click the Trip tab, and Add Trip is in grey at the top.