Room Request Changes

We’ve made some changes to how room requests are handled on the site.

Last week, Disney contacted us to ask that we switch over from sending faxes, to sending emails. They gave us a special, private email address to use.

Disney also said that they’ll accept room requests up to 30 days in advance.

We converted over to this new process on August 16, sending all requests for the next 30 days in one batch. Disney has confirmed receipt of all requests.

Going forward, all new room requests will be send via email, 30 days prior to check-in.

We’re in the process of updating the site’s checklists and content to reflect these changes. In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions.


Sounds good! Thank you!! :sparkles:

I can’t believe the 90s are really over. RIP fax machine.


@len, is this to do with centralising the room assigning process? And, if so, are DVC rooms also going to be assigned by the same team as other WDW resorts?


Well now I know what I’ll be focusing on after my Fastpasses are done!


It really does add something to that “now what” you feel after you’ve decided the Fastpasses!


Should I have gotten a notification that the room request for my trip in 5 days has been sent?

Yes, it’s all centralized, including DVC.


We haven’t connected the notification process to the emails. But we’ve confirmed with Disney that they’ve received everything.


Not sure how smooth the WDW transition is. I checked in yesterday and it appeared I didn’t have a room assigned. Received room not quite ready text . At 6pm I went to front desk to inquire. CM figured I didn’t receive email. Looked on tablet and was puzzled. Went in back fo 10 minutes. Returned with room assigned and I received text while talking to her. For first time I was not within a few rooms of request, in different building.

Thanks for the feedback @thekid. It’s a new process for them. Sounds like your request just got caught in the wash. I hope the room is still good, though.

Thanks @len room is fine and there’s nothing for me to complain about all around. I just wish I went to the front desk sooner. I thought about it and realized my fax went out around the change. My post was not meant to be critical of TP but to point out the Disney’s transition might have a few bumps in the change over.

The fax requests have been tremendous in the past and I hope it is able to continue. I booked a bounce back so I hope for success next year

Does this mean that rooms are assigned 30 days before arrival?

I’m not sure what to think about this 30-day thing. Does this mean that you MUST have your room request detailed out by then, similar to the former 5-day time? Some of us procrastinate for assorted reasons. I know Disney said they will accept them “up to” 30 days ahead. I wish there was an additional step on my end to compose my room request, and then to click on a button when I was ready to commit to it for sending, which could happen well after that 30 day and closer to the 5 day mark.

If 30 days is the new deadline, I’ll just have to learn to commit to a room request text a lot earlier.

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Yes, I think that’s going to be the new policy, at least for some room requests.


Just spent 10 days at the Yacht Club. At check-in I mentioned my Touring Plans room request only to be told that “we don’t pay much attention to those requests as they are not anything to do with Disney” I knew which part of the hotel I wanted and the room they gave me was truly awful. I only spent one night there and next day asked for a room change which they had refused the previous day. After wasting a day and a half of my vacation I eventually got a room which was acceptable to me. It was very disappointing.At checkout I made my feelings clear to a manager who in all fairness was very apolgetic and comped me a little off my room charges.

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Maybe, since the system is e-mail now, TP can have a PDF version to download with the email address and we could send our own to Disney. Sounds like there’s some CM’s that don’t like TP fax requests? :thinking:

I’m astonished at the CM’s response. For one thing, it’s not the attitude we see in actual room assigners. But maybe this is why the whole assigning process is now done in a dedicated, centralized group.


This was one incorrect CM. We’ve been talking to the CIM group directly, who’s been really helpful. Like I said, they gave us a private email address to use for these.


And rude. Thanks for all the hard work @len. I’ve been a TP member for years, just now joining the Forum. What a wealth of info. Also gives me a Disney fix between vacays!