Reservation Finder Link Problem?

I have had a lot of success earlier this year with the reservation finder. Recently (last few months) I have not been able to get a reservation despite acting on the text or email within seconds of receiving them. Today I received the text and immediately clicked link and got the paws page that the time was no longer available. Several minutes later I tried the email from a PC and got the same paws page. After restarting my TP search I decided to search to see if the reservation was an upgrade and freed up another time. Well I found the very reservation that both email and text link indicated was no longer available. If you do get paws page search for the reservation, it still maybe available

E-mail about this problem - they should be able to quickly get to the bottom of it.

I just copied this into an email. Thank You!

Here is the response from TP. I think this is very good information to know for those using the reservation finder.


Yes, that can happen. The basic issue is that the link works only once, and the link you receive might be sent to many of our customers. If one of them clicks on it (even without booking the reservation), the link is no longer valid. Searching manually for the reservation if the link does not work is a good idea.

Have a great trip!

This is really useful info - thanks for sharing the response from TP!

@len - I think that this is something that you should put in the Reservation Finder Tips or FAQ, There is a “I keep getting notifications that a reservation that I want is available, but when I try to book it, it never works. Why not?” FAQ, but the answer does not mention that the link is a one-time-only thing.

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