Reservation Finder Rant- How do people book so fast?

It was probably explained at one point. I think so that 2 people don’t cancel each other out trying to use it at the same time, but I’m not techy and I don’t know if that even makes sense. Or actually, I think it may be because they assume the first person will book it, but in reality they don’t always.

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That is so good to know. The alert link is definitely quicker when it works but I might just start using the app and detouring the link. Thanks


When I’ve gotten the text, I go directly to MDE and not the link that’s gotten sent with the text. I’ve only used it twice. Once I got a text for BOG at 5 AM and went directly to MDE on my phone. The other time I got the text and was sitting at my computer and logged in to MDE on the desk top and got the Ohana time I wanted.

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I get it! Believe me. It’s happened to me numerous times.

But unless and until they limit it to only one person searching that hour for that restaurant at a time (unlikely), especially for a popular place like BOG, there are going to be multiple people who have a search set up who all get the text.

Also, the finder only finds the ADR. It does not hold it for anyone, so between the finder finding it and sending out the text and ANYONE clicking on the link or going to MDE in response, anyone else could be searching in their own and find it and grab it. So even if the reservation finder was limited to one search per time period per restaurant, it could still happen that you don’t snag it.

Again, I totally get the frustration.

But to paraphrase Dory… Just keep searching, just keep searching. It CAN come through!


Haha! Thanks


It’s a single use link

Somewhat related - I’ve had two finders set up for about 2 weeks and have yet to get a ping. Is that common? I’m ~100 days out so it’s still early.

Are they definitely active?

That’s something else you need to know. Once you get a text/email, you have to go back in and re-activate the search.


There is no set pattern to when you’ll get one. I’ve gotten one within 30 minutes of setting up an alert and I’ve gone a couple of months without getting one.

It’s not a bot that searches constantly - it is people doing the searching - so it’s also to your benefit to search periodically on your own in case someone lets one go before the people checking get there.


Yeah, they’re definitely active but haven’t heard a peep. Interesting it’s humans doing it - I assumed it was a bot!

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If they are hard to get reservations (or for PPO), it’s not uncommon. I have been searching for Beaches and Cream since four months ago when I made my ADRs. No hit, not surprising.

I also was looking for an early AM for Tusker House that I didn’t get a hit on for months and finally gave up on that one and searched something else.

I am new and sorry to sound ignorant but what and where is this ‘reservation finder’ ?

I hope this works for you and welcome.

Okay fellow Hokie :slight_smile: don’t give up


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I’ll complain less now, got my Beaches and Cream reservation :grinning:


Well done.

Still waiting on Ohana though! 25 days left, fingers and toes crossed!

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Ugh. I was first to the link, but then when I was entering my dining party my browser crashed. Reservation lost :frowning:

This is the 1st time I’ve had no luck with res finder. Waiting 4 mos now for something, anything for SciFi Oct 6. Not surprised tho, since TSL the big draw this year, so it seems lots more folks at HS.

Also, fam decided to go to disney 4 most ahead, not 6mos, which would probably have worked out ok.

I may start searchng for 50s PT instead, though the few times I’ve tried that, no luck either. oh well, we can have dinner that day at our hotel, that’s fine too.

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