Tricks to snagging reservation alerts?

I’ve missed soooo many alerts it’s driving me nuts. Even when I race to click on the text I still don’t seem to get the reservation, I can’t believe how FAST they go! Does anyone have any tips on how to be the first to get the reservation? TIA

Just got to be fast when they come through! Be patient.

I got both Akershus and Be Our Guest within a week of our travel dates in December (last month) by using the TP reservation finder.

I missed a few times but eventually caught them.

I agree you need to be fast. I lost one while I was putting in my credit card number. Someone else was faster. Still we managed to get 3 of the four we wanted.

If the link is dead immediately search MDE. The link is only good for one click. The dead link does not mean the reservation is not available only that the link was used.

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Here is my way to do it. Use the email link not the message link. Always make sure the that the reservation your after is NOT within an hour of a previous reservation. Why? Because the Disney Dinning reservations will ask you if you want to cancel the previous reservation for the new reservation. By the time you do this, someone else has taken the reservation and you will come up empty handed. Now when reservation finder notifies you of a reservation within your limits via cell phone email or other method, DO NOT look to see what time it’s for or when. As soon as it brings you to the Disney reservations site, enter your password and check the box that you agree to their terms. When it asks if you wish to reserve, state YES and you got the reservation. If you find that you accepted a reservation that does not work for you, simply cancel it and let it go back in the que. Also remember that the closer it gets to the day of what you want the more cancelation there will be. This is because of the 24 hour rule which if you don’t cancel before 24 hours of a reservation and you are a NO SHOW, it costs you $10 for each person in your party. Many make a number of reservations they are not going to use or they plan on changing as time gets closer and they will drop them to avoid the penalty. Be quick and don’t give up. It may take you 10 tries but practice will get you what you want. Good Luck and have a Magical Vacation.

I did NOT know this! Wow.

Me neither!

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