Removing Park Hopper: a warning

Thank you!

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My pleasure! May your wait be short!

Just got off chat with UT. (And, for comparison, the “hold time” on UT was about 10 seconds, and my question was answered in less than 2 minutes.)

Anyhow, UT said they’ve been instructed by Disney NOT to do partial refunds on tickets due to Park Hopper, and that Disney will handle it directly. The UT agent also said that if Disney changes that policy going forward at any time, I can just contact them again and they would be glad to help.

So, for now, I’m going to hold off contacting Disney, since this is for the December trip.

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I would add that in my experience calling in to that number, pushing option “4” got me to the right person fastest - “Questions on existing tickets” I think. The first time I called, I heard that and thought “I don’t have a question, I just want to add days to my tickets!” So I pressed option “0” which took me to someone who couldn’t make the changes themselves and redirected me back to the original number. :roll_eyes: :weary:

Thanks for sharing! You saved me some time contacting UT as I have a similar situation to you. Our trip is the end of September, so I think I’m going to hold off on contacting Disney until it gets closer to our trip.

Can I ask, CMs seem to be telling liners that multiple day tickets that were extended can be broken up for use anytime until 9/21. For example, more than one person has been told a 5 day extended ticket no longer has the “expires within ______ days of activation” and can be used 2 days in November 2020 and 3 days July 2021?

Yes that is the case. So long as they are not modified (such as to remove park hopper)

So if people have more than one trip leaving the PH on the tickets could save money?


That is my dilemma… Leave hoppers on and save the flexibility or remove the hoppers and get stuck into a date.

I may try using the 4 days this trip and stopping at guest services on the last day to inquire about compensation for the hoppers that could not be used. Not sure what type of response I will get.


I’m on hold right now with tickets CM. Hes trying to tell me if he takes hopper off I will lose my 35% room discount that I got for my free dining…because I needed a hopper ticket to purchase that.

Did you purchase on a free dining also? Do you have 35% off room?

I do not have free dining

If your tickets are part of the package you can not modify any part of the package or you lose the discount

ok gotcha. Ok thank you. At least I know what to expect.

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And I do believe hoppers were required to book free dining.

Corrrect. So that’s fine, I’ll keep the hopper. I just need the plus option refunded.

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The CM was awesome and took off both the HOPPER and the PLUS and still let me keep my 35% room discount! Wahoo!

Which ended up being another… $349.26 BACK!

At this point this trip better happen because this will be the worlds cheapest WDW trip ever! (okay yes cheap wdw is an oxymoron.) (and yes, i realize it’s reduced experience but anywho…)

PSA: I think the old strategy for overshooting what you ask for helped here :wink:
I asked if I could “modify” my 5-day PHP tickets to a 6-day base. That’s when he said if I modified my my package at all I’d lose my 35%. He put me on hold for a long time. When he finally came back he apologized that he could not add a ticket to my package at this time (duh, I knew this) but he would be happy to remove my hopper plus and reduce my over-all price (i.e. not make me lose my 35%)


I have a question that I thought you might be able to answer. Our package starts 7/30. I have seen several places (but none official) that I have until 7 days out to pay the balance, instead of the usual 30 days due to Covid. I got a reminder over the weekend that final payment was due yesterday. I haven’t paid anything but the $200 deposit. Yesterday I got another email saying my payment was past due and in danger of being cancelled. Do you know whether the 7 day thing is just a rumor, or actually what Disney is doing? I don’t want them to cancel me, I would prefer to do that if I decide we are not coming…but also don’t want to pay them right now if I have until 7 days out. Thanks for your insight!

I did not have that happen when I called about my free dining booking. Ok glad to see I’m responding late and it’s all good. I was told they HAD to remove the PH but I still got the 35% off my moved booking. What I am curious about is, has anyone been able to change to room-only and keep the 35% off?

I tried to add on a day in place of PH also and was told no because it was adding another day and they could not sell tickets.


I’m glad you were able to keep your discount AND remove the Hopper.

But it would seem rather silly to enforce an otherwise valid rule under the circumstances.

It would be like saying to someone, “Oh…I can give you 35% off your bill if you buy everyone a premium MagicBand. Granted, we aren’t going to actually GIVE you the MagicBand…but you still have to buy it.”

Looks like reason prevailed in this situation, though!

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