Removing Park Hopper: a warning

If you remove your park hopper feature pay attention to what they want to refund you.

For my 10-day tickets I paid $85/pp for park hopping feature.

They wanted to refund me $92 for THREE tickets.

When I pressed they said that the per-day cost of my April tickets was substantially less than the new August dates. They become date-based when you remove the hopper. My refund reflected that difference. I politely told them that I expected to be refunded the full $85/op and if they couldn’t do anything about that then I would need to escalate to a supervisor.

I spent another 40 mins on hold but the supervisor fixed it.

Be aware of what you should be getting. And don’t let them give you less.


Why would it change the cost? That is their issue not yours. My non hoppers were extended to 2021, the same as yours. It was their system that put the date back on them.

I asked my TA to drop PH+ and MM yesterday (no date change on tickets). I was a little annoyed that the terms were the old cancellation policy and not the temporary policy in place. I questioned to myself if this was an oversight or intentional.

Exactly my point. In a regular world situation it makes sense. In a Covid world the tickets should be price protected, which, in the end, they were.


I just checked the ticket calendars. The last week of August is the next to lowest ticket prices all year.

I suppose what they could do, if they want to avoid giving refunds until absolutely necessary, would be to explain to the guest that in order to see the full value of the park hopper feature refunded, one must wait until the date at which your trip starts to see if park hopper is offered by then or not. This would mean a visit to guest services, but that would be okay with me if that’s how they wanted to do it.

In this case the CM did not explain any of that – in fact when I pushed back she just replied, “that’s the price it gave me” and clearly didn’t understand my beef.

I do try to keep in mind that these CMs are often working from home with little of the deep knowledge that we as passionate fans have. They are doing call center work. But I still expect Disney to give them the education they need, and often times it seems they don’t

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Interesting :laughing:

Then I have no idea what the heck she did.

I’m glad my pal Samson the CM got me squared away.

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TP ticket calculator still works if you want to verify that you were refunded the correct amount.

I am confident that I now have been. Thanks though! I do forget about that tool sometimes!

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Curious, did you buy your tickets direct through Disney? I bought park hopper plus tickets from undercover tourist and I’m wondering if there is any way for me to get refunded for the hopper portion? But I’m thinking probably not

Yes. I always buy direct through Disney.

Well through my TA but yes. Not a third party

Smart. wish I did the same.

Disney is able to modify 3rd party tickets but they are far less flexible about it and probably wouldn’t give you a refund if your new ticket cost less. So for example you could add days in exchange for the park hopper feature and they might not charge you more if they new ticket had equal or lesser value. Or upgrade to AP.

Were you able to keep the date flexibility on the tickets you removed the hoppers from?

No. Removing the hopper makes them into date based tix and removed the 9/2021 good until date. But, if we didn’t go we could use them toward the purchase of new tix in the future.

Well crap, that puts a wrench in my plan of splitting my 7 day ticket between this year and next. Guess I need to determine what is worth more, what we paid for the hoppers, or the flexibility to use any 7 days between now and Sept 21.

I think once you use a day you still must use those 7 days within a certain time period, like 9-10 days or something.

Edit: I don’t know that but assume so. Although I guess if some people already used one day in March and then the parks shut down I’m not sure what happened to their tickets.

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That’s good to know, thank you.


How can I find out what I should be getting back? I wish I knew what the cost of a base ticket was for Sept 2020 at the time I purchased, Jan 2020

How many days were the tickets for? The hopper feature is based on that.

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