Recommended off-site hotels in the Disneyland Resort area

Recommended Disneyland Resort area hotels that are not owned by Disney (listed in no particular order):

Homewood Suites - Located about 2 miles south. Across from a Target (so you can get groceries). Suites available. Nice pool.
Park Vue Inn - Across the street from Disneyland on Harbor. Short walk to Disneyland. Pool.
Howard Johnson Anaheim - Across the street from Disneyland on Harbor. Nice rooms. Very nice pool and water playground. Sometimes offer discounts for DL annual pass holders.
Desert Inn and Suites - Directly across the street from Disneyland on Harbor, less than 5 minute walk to the front gate. Indoor pool.
Tropicana Inn & Suites - Across the street from Disneyland on Harbor. Pool and hot tub.
Best Western Anaheim Inn - Across the street from Disneyland on Harbor.
Sheraton Park Hotel at Anaheim - Highly rated in the Unofficial Guide. Nice rooms and pool.
Alamo Inn - Not a nice hotel by any means, but dirt cheap.
The Anabella - Highly rated in the Unofficial Guide. Nice rooms and pool.

We have videos/room tours of many Disneyland-area hotels on our YouTube page.

What about you? What hotels do you recommend staying at or avoiding?


Fairfield Inn and Suites is also a nice hotel (right beside the HoJo so very close). The rooms are a good size and it has always been quiet at night for us. Staff has always been super friendly. There is a food court and microwave available on the 3rd floor. The pool is nothing fancy, but there is a hot tub. The upper floor, front side rooms have a view of the parks. McDonalds is at the end of the parking lot which makes for fast, cheap breakfasts.

Ramanada Inn Maingate is also a great hotel. It is quite a bit further away (just under a mile I think to walk) but it is serviced by the ART and close enough to walk over to the Toy Story parking lot and catch the free shuttle. Has a great, included hot breakfast buffet. Pool is nothing special either, but there is also a small kids pool which is handy if you have a toddler. A great variety of room options which is great for bigger or extended families and it’s handy to have a kitchen for feeding picky 1 year olds!


I like the Fairfield Inn and Suites also because of how close it is, it was very clean and the staff were great to us.

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We like the Candy Cane Inn. It’s within walking distance but also has it’s own dedicated shuttle. The breakfast and pool are also nicer than the hotels we tried directly across from entrance. Hotel generally seems better maintained than others in the area.


I also love the Candy Cane! Stayed there twice

What are the best easily walkable choices? (I.E. Harbor Blvd or Katella)

Harbor Blvd! # 2-6 on Guy’s list are all good. Best western Park Place Inn being the closest then Park Vue Inn . Next to BWPPI is the Tropicana next to PVI is Desert INN imo Desert Inn has the best free breakfast

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I can recommend the Fairfield Inn (Fairfield Inn Anaheim Resort officially) across the street on Harbor Blvd. Clean, quiet, friendly staff. Like others have said, the pool isn’t the biggest draw to this hotel, but it’s adequate.

If you are a US or State government employee, you can usually get a discount on your room here. I have even been able to get a government employee discount on a room during Christmas week if booked far enough in advance.

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Anyone have input about the Castle Inn?

Is there anywhere on Touring Plans that tells us how much it is to park at the offsite hotels? I’ve been looking through my unofficial guide and haven’t found anything yet.

I think you just have to go to the individual hotel’s websites to check. I have not seen a listing before. Some are free because I know we got free parking before.

Hi! The offsite hotels we have stayed at charge anywhere from $9 -$13 dollars a day. All have been on Harbor Blvd. right near the crosswalk for the park entrance. The Tropicana Inn was the only one to have free parking but that was 2yrs ago not sure if they still offer it. If I find out any more info to help I will let you know… :smiley:

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There are other hotels with complimentary parking available. I just quickly searched one to see and confirmed that. Just look them up individually.

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They used to almost all have complimentary parking (b4 2009 or so). Slowly the trend has shifted to a daily charge at most of them.

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Had friends that stayed there last October. They said it was a budget hotel and a little heavy on the cheesy side. They wouldn’t go back:)

I’ve stayed at the Fairfield, Carousel, and Desert Palms. The Carousel has the best location but is a little noisy, the Desert Palms is the farthest but has a good included breakfast, and the Fairfield has a great sunny pool, is quiet(on Harbour Blvd side, not the freeway side), has a view of the fireworks, and is close to Mimi’s and McDonald’s, both cheap for breakfast. We usually stay at the Fairfeld.

I had a free night at Best Western on off international dr before WDW. They had a bus to go there and free breakfast with Mickey waffles.

Does anyone have any opinions on the close-by Hiltons? My DH is a Hilton Honors member, so he would prefer a Hilton, Embassy Suites or Hampton Inn.

The Hilton just south of the parks is very nice. We’ve stayed there probably a total of 17-20 nights. Rooms are very quiet and the Disney view rooms are kind of cool. In my opinion it’s the only Hilton within walking distance.

Thank you for the information!