Disneyland Resort frequently asked questions


These are some frequently asked questions we constantly get asked about on Lines or in email. We'll add to this when needed.

Q: Where should I eat?
A: We have a thread for that!

Q: What off-site hotel do you recommend?
A: We have a thread with some hotels listed.

Q: When do Mickey's Halloween Party tickets go on sale?
A: Usually in mid-July.

Q: When do they film the Christmas Day Parade for TV?
A: Mid-November.

Q: Is it possible to watch Fantasmic and fireworks in the same night?
A: Yes but you won't have the best view for fireworks, also you'll being watching the second showing of Fantasmic. A strategy I use is: Watch the fireworks from the left (or west) side of the hub, as close to the Frontierland entrance as you can get. Just as the fireworks are ending immediately and quickly walk over to the Fantasmic viewing area and grab the first spot you find. It'll fill up quick!

Q: Is it possible to watch World of Color and fireworks in the same night?
A: It is very difficult to make it to Disneyland after World of Color ends in DCA. The crowds are large so you'll be moving slow and making it across the esplanade takes a good amount of time. Basically, it's not worth even trying.

Q: Do the fireworks ever get canceled?
A: Yes, all the time. Disneyland regularly cancels fireworks due to winds at high elevations.

Q: Does [insert rare character here] still meet and greet in the park?
A: Probably not, Disneyland sticks to the very well known characters or characters that are currently in a new movie they're trying to promote. The best way to find out what characters will be out, and where, is to go City Hall in the morning of your visit. Disneyland does not know what characters will be out until park opening each day.

Q: What's the best spot to view fireworks?
A: You can see the fireworks from multiple spots in the park, Main Street/Frontierland/Tomorrowland/etc and the music for the show will be played over the park's speakers. BUT if you want to get the full experience you should watch them in the hub in front of the castle.

Q: What's the best spot to view parades?
A: Parades at Disneyland and DCA don't have any "show stops," so you'll get the same view from any point on the parade route.

Q: Is it going to rain today?
A: Probably not. The area of the state Disneyland is located in is averages 284 sunny days a year. Even if the mornings start out a overcast you don't need to worry. That's just the marine layer, it'll be gone in a few hours.

Q: What rides are closed during the rain?
A: Alice in Wonderland, Mad Tea Party and Storybookland Canal Boats in Disneyland. Radiator Springs Racers in DCA. Golden Zephyr and Silly Symphony Swings will close if there are high wind speeds. Also, Fantasmic and fireworks will be canceled during rain.

Q: What Fastpasses are disconnected from the rest of the system?
A: The only disconnected Fastpass these days is World of Color.



I understand that the following FP's are disconnected (not only WoC):
World of Color
Buzz Lightyear (new, possibly temporarily disconnected?)
Royal Theater
Anna & Elsa M&G

Is this correct?




Hi there. I have heard that Fastpasses must now be used within the actual printed times. I used to come back to the ride well after the end of the window regularly. Is it true that they are now enforcing the end time?


Yes, they've been enforcing the window for last couple of years. You can use later if ride goes down during your window.


So no FP+ in DisneyLand/CAdv yet?
We are headed there Aug 30- Sep 1st.


Nope! Good old paper FP is still there.