Recommended off-site hotels in the Disneyland Resort area

We stayed at hojo (howard Johnson) July 2013 and thought it was great. Bldg 1 - Room on top floor with fireworks view. Easy walk to the parks and fun pool for the kids. Comfortable beds, clean spacious rooms and a reasonable price. Booked on their site at 10%off but later saw their facebook page had 15% so I emailed them and they dropped the price.

If I book a "Good Neighbor" hotel, are there any advantages as far as park admission / early hours go?

Some might offer a ticket/hotel package like if you book through the Disneyland website with a good neighbor hotel. We haven't been to a onsite hotel in years, although we'd love to it, we get more days in park if we stay offsite. I know if you have any 3 day or longer ticket you get one EE day at Disneyland. I always get my tickets through AAA and book the hotel myself. A lot of the good neighbor hotels are right there across from the entrance so getting to the park is super easy!

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Fyi Hojos buildings 3-6 are 2 story with no elevators. Second floor rooms have skylights over window and entry which have no curtains so can't darken rooms. I bring eyemask if I need to take afternoon naps and no 1st floor rooms available. I also need to stop overpacking! 😝

Any opinions on the Hampton Inn, Harbor Blvd, south of DLR?

We used to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn. It was okay. Clean and quiet. I don't think we ever used the pool.
My favorite off-site hotel is the Hyatt Regency Orange County. I like that they have their own shuttle. The pools are heated. The beds are very comfortable. It's clean and it's nice. The $22 a day to park hurts, as does the $10 a day for Internet access. I'm thinking about leaving my laptop at home to save $50.
Last year we stayed at the Clarion in an attempt to save money. I wasn't happy at all. It wasn't very nice considering how much we paid. It was run down - there were electrical outlets that didn't work (and they couldn't fix). It wasn't very clean either.

Hampton inn is exactly like all the other HI's, that is to say its "fine". But it's too far to walk compared to a dozen other places that are similar but closer to the parks.

This shows the closeness of different hotels...

This may help too...


Has anyone stayed at the new Hyatt Place? Google Maps says it's 0.9 miles to the park entrance which isn't far. Is this "walkable" for that area? Thanks!

has any one used Stanford inn before im interested in any info you may have

Has anyone stayed at the Del Sol Inn? Also wondering why it’s not a DL Good Neighbor hotel…

Candy Cane Inn. Great people. Free parking, free breakfast, free shuttle and free wi-fi. Within walking distance (easy 5-7 minute walk with kids). Clean. Pool is nice. It’s a motel but very well maintained and the staff is amazing. We showed up and the delivered cookies and cards to our room to my kids for the birthdays (I had told them when I booked). Would definitely recommend.


Have you recently been able to a state employee discount? Do you just show your state ID & does this apply to other states or only California state employees?

Is candy cane your top pick? Skipped WDW in 2016 so we can go to DL instead in 2017. Trying to get a budget together and start sketching out a preliminary plan.

Yes I loved it there!! It’s much more kitschy and cute than a standard chain hotel

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We ended up walking the first two days, then we bought an ART pass for the rest of our trip. If we weren’t walking in and around the parks, the distance wouldn’t have been bad. ART saved our feet though!

We really liked the Hyatt Regency OC back in March. The shuttle was fine but obviously not as convenient as walking or being onsite, although it was nice to be able to ride from a covered loading shelter one night when it rained hard. Huge room, bar with food open fairly late.

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Dessert Palm on Katella - Any thoughts or input.

Our favorites for off-site hotels are the Best Western Park Place Inn and the Marriott Fairfield, both on Harbor Blvd.

The BW is priced well and right across the street from the main gates. It is the closest hotel to the main gates (even closer than the resort hotels!) They have rooms that allow either 4-6 people. The breakfast is only ok, and the decor is dated, but it is always clean and the rooms are large with a microwave and a small fridge. They are in the process of fixing up the property. It is perfect for going back to the room for a rest in the middle of the day. They have a pool and are down the street from off-site restaurants.

The Marriott Fairfield is right up the street from the BW on Harbor. It takes a few minutes to walk to the main gates. We like Marriott properties and this one is the closest. They have a pool and are close to decent off-site restaurants. We stay here when we can’t get a room at BW Park Place.

There are also a few timeshare resorts that can be rented either through the standard hotel sites or VRBO etc. Peacock Inn and Dolphin’s Cove are two that come to mind. These offer true 1, 2, and 3 bedroom condo style suites with full kitchens. They will run a little more than your standard JoJo room, but for the money, you get multiple guestrooms, a living, room, dining area and kitchen, as well as laundry facilities. Just having breakfast in the condo instead of the parks can put a dent in the extra cost per night you’d pay.

Dolphin’s Cove has free guest parking, and is less than a half mile walk to the Disney parking lot from which you can take the free shuttles to the park and back. Peacock requires valey parking, I think it’s in the range of $11-$14 per night, and is about a mile walk to the the park entrance plaza and again about a half mile to the Toy Story lot.