Recommended off-site hotels in the Disneyland Resort area

This is our go to hotel at DL. Stayed there for each DL trip… 5 times between 209-2015!

The link to the hotel map isn’t valid anymore. Anyone have one that shows the hotels on Harbor up to Katella? Thanks

The hilton convention center is really nice. also I have stayed at embassy orange. its a lot farther than i like to be but we love it!!

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Also the homewood suites is part of the hilton family. its close and very nice

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Any opinions on Best Western Stovall’s Inn?

Hi everyone. My wife will be attending the SWE convention at the convention center Nov 5-9. Her hotel choice for the convention is the Residence Inn Anaheim Resort / Convention Center for its convenience to the conference and to Disneyland. The kids and I will be joining her on the trip and will be concentrating on DL from Nov 2 - 5 before the conference starts. So our question is about where to stay in those few days before the conference starts.

We could stay 3 more nights at the Residence Inn AR/CC (I can’t find any mention of this place in this thread or anywhere on the forums).

Or we could stay 3 nights at Springhill Suites Maingate (highly recommended in this thread).

The prices are pretty much identical. The advantage of Springhill is we could do a Costco package and get the $145 Disney gift card and the Magical Extras Savings Card.

Of course the downside is having the hassle of packing up and moving on what would otherwise be a park day.

Thoughts on the hotels? Is it worth that amount of perqs to switch? How do the walks compare to the parks?


The walks are nearly identical with the Springhill Suites being over the CVS on the corner and the Residence Inn the next building over. The Residence Inn has a Pizza Hut express adjacent and from either lobby it’s a quick walk. There’s also a coffee/tea place adjacent to the Springhill suites.

We’ve never stayed at Springhill Suites, but have stayed at Residence Inn several times. We really like the room layouts at Residence Inn as they seem to offer some space & in some rooms a full kitchen (but possibly the Springhill Suites are comparable?). Also, Residence Inn has a free breakfast buffet that is the best breakfast we’ve had at a hotel in Anaheim. Very good spread, quality food & so much selection. The only negative about Residence Inn that I know of is I’ve had a friend stay there who had a piece of jewelry stolen from off the nightstand & the hotel took a very “Oh well your loss” stance on it. So she refuses to stay there again (I can’t say I blame her).

Thanks for the response! However I think you’re thinking of Springhill Suites Anaheim Resort Area / Convention Center. I was referring to the Maingate Springhill Suites. Do you know how that walk compares? You can see it’d be much more of an ordeal to schlep all of our stuff in the middle of the day under these circumstances instead of it being just one door down.

At the point we’re leaning toward staying at the Residence Inn the whole week, though your theft story is definitely eye opening and will be considered going forward. The layout of the room is definitely superior at the Residence Inn with a separate living room and kitchen from the bedroom. Thanks again.

Oh yes Maingate is a different one. My bad. The walk is much more of a schlep and less pedestrian friendly so we’ve never stayed in the area where Maingate is. We have many times stayed in the area where Residence Inn (include 2x at Residence Inn) since it’s just a straight shot up Harbor to reach the pedestrian walkway. And while it’s a little long at the end of the day, it’s not a bad walk overall.

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