Recent visitors: did you get COVID in Orlando?

Was alcohol involved? :partying_face:




If you can make that happen, I will seriously buy you a year’s supply of Dole Whip. :sweat_smile:


Just returned from 10 days at WDW. Fully vaccinated. Masked at all times, inside and out – only exception was while eating. Tested every 3 days, all negative. Was “bullied” several times for wearing a mask, but found it easy to ignore the bully.


You were bullied? I have never experienced that fortunately. So sorry.



(Fyi: I kid, b/c at one time I was majoring in actuarial science, and actually passed a couple exams, but ended up switching to stats, and working in computers).

@JustKeepSmiling Would you care to comment on Covid risk from a probabilistic standpoint?

Poking fun at me is encouraged as long it’s Jurassic-park themed :slight_smile:

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Mad respect for those in actuarial science (or used to be). I remember considering it in college because I felt pretty good about math and wanted something in demand with good pay, but quickly realized it might be beyond what I could have handled. All those exams are daunting. A high school friend that’s doing it might be the smartest person I know.


So, took a Covid test today. Negative. I have picked up a lingering cough though :grimacing: (a throat tickle - no sore throat, fever or congestion ) I’m blaming the Saratoga Springs AC. We almost froze the first night. I have no other symptoms, and did not feel like when I got Covid before so waited until today to test since I fly home tomorrow.


3 of the 4 of us came home with covid. We wore masks indoors, except for eating dinners. We ate all other meals outdoors. The only one of us who didn’t get covid (so far at least) is our adult daughter who was very vigilant about wearing her mask at all times indoors, even while waiting for her food in the restaurants. We’re all vaccinated and boosted, so hopefully won’t get too sick. Right now it feels like a bad flu. Not the souvenir we were hoping for.


Hope you all feel better soon!

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So, we’re 3 days home and feel fine. Niece had covid a week before Labor Day though (for the first time… she was the weird holdout in her household, though they all went down this time and so did pretty much everyone in their circle), so wasn’t worried about her, but I’m feeling fine and my friend and her family (3 adults, 2 kids) who were in the world at the same time are all feeling fine as well.

We didn’t take any particular precautions, though we didn’t have a ton of indoor meals just because we didn’t. We avoided crowded areas whenever possible just because that’s how we roll all the time. We all either work in the general public or go to/work in primary schools so we’re in fairly high exposure groups on a regular basis.

I think all of us have had covid in the last 6-9 months, FWIW, and 3 of us were definitely in the omicron timeframe.


Just another data point to add to the others.

Been back from WDW for 2 weeks, no COVID. Did 10 days in WDW, including the Galactic Starcruiser. Not vaccinated. No mask. (saw very few masks in WDW)