Recent visitors: did you get COVID in Orlando?

I’m nudging closer to pulling the trigger on a trip in the first week of February, but everyone keeps saying how wildly reckless this is and how I’d be crazy to do so.

So: did you get COVID on your trip?

If so: how bad was it? Did it ruin the trip?

If not: why not? How did you avoid it?


My office mate is not on the forum but I will report her experience. She took her daughter and 4 friends to Disney last month. Four out of five tested positive on the day they flew home (all tested after the flights).

Most likely at least one person brought it into the villa.

They all were vaxed and boostered and had minor symptoms (runny nose, sore throat).

FYI- I am over 60 with some controlled health issues. I am going in 32 days.


I was just there for marathon weekend.

My sister tested + on marathon Sunday morning.
She had traveled the week before, and (as it turns out, which she didn’t tell me til she was +) her husband was sick in the last days before we traveled together.
I wore an N95 much of the time. It is required in all indoor locations and honestly it was kind of a PITA to take it off and on all day. So I mostly left it on - certainly more than I had to.
I was unmasked with her in the car (x2 trips), in our hotel room, and when dining.
I was tested 5 days after my last exposure to her and was negative.

I remain negative at this time.


And they told 2 friends, and so on, and so on…


I did a home test before I left and it was negative. I did not test when I got back and I never felt terribly sick. It’s possible we got it and had minor symptoms we confused them for our allergies; it’s possible mine and my mother’s congestion/headache were just allergies as we both suffer from them. If it was covid it was definitely not bad; not even akin to a cold. We were all boosted. My mother is 65 and suffers from lung nodules (not cancerous but monitored). She regularly gets walking pneumonia from her allergies so she’s very easily prone to secondary infections, something about missing sinuses… She has not complained of anything other than a headache since returning. She wore KN95 indoor and cloth outdoors; no mask in the room.

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It explains the early MA numbers?

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DH and I were there marathon weekend. No covid. We had a C+ person in our house a couple of weeks before we went. The other 4 of us did not get it.
We didn’t do anything more than what is required - masks indoors. We wore N95 on the plane ride down, and cloth for me, surgical for DH the rest of the time and on the flight home. We did try to avoid crowded places (except fireworks - we went to both EP and MK). Our avoidance wasn’t covid driven though. People just annoy me when there’s too many of them. We ate indoors for every meal to the best of my memory


Oh right - I did this as well via home test

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I would have done it when I got home but there were none to be found and I didn’t want to take friend’s last box or go to the actual dr.

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I went in December, triple vaxxed, wore my mask indoors (except for indoor dining), and wore my mask in crowded outdoor areas such as pretty much every single queue. I did a lot of indoor dining with a lot of people, including many liners (one of whom did test positive when they got home). I spent several hours with them over several days, including a meal indoors 2 days before they returned home and tested positive.

I did not test positive, but I did develop a severe sinus infection that resulted in me visiting Urgent care on day 7 of my trip and getting testing for Covid (negative). I tested at home 6 days after receiving the negative test and it was also negative. I don’t know how I got lucky to not test positive and the other liner unlucky to test positive.

When it comes down to it I think a lot of it is luck of the draw. Just have a contingency plan in place including where you would go for a test and what you would do if it was positive. Disney contracted with AdventHealth so I just had to call the number and they picked me up and took me to urgent care and could have returned me to my hotel but I chose to Uber. I would see if Universal has a similar kind of deal.


Just came back from a 7 night trip this Monday. DSis and I both tested neg on rapid tests on Monday. She was also negative on PCR test. I was going to test myself again today, but don’t want to waste a test. We ate indoors and went to dessert party and Disney springs. Both triple Pfizer. Wore N95 masks but not outdoors.


Agree on both points.


What are the rules in Florida if you test positive?

What do I do if I’m sick? - Florida Department of Health COVID-19 Outbreak (

We spent two days at Universal about a week and a half ago. We are both vaxxed and boosted; did not eat indoors there (though did a couple of times in other places in Florida.) We did not catch it as far as we know - did a home test before we got on the airplane. I didn’t feel super super safe but really not too bad. We were prepared for the possibility we might catch it, and are vaguely surprised we didn’t. (Though I did get called a “mask nazi” when, in an indoor waiting space with lots of people, I told a kid who looked maybe 16 or 17 to put his on. :wink: Raised three boys and taught sophomore biology once upon a time. I am quite used to telling entitled teenage boys that yes, the rules actually do apply to them as well.)


We were at WDW from 12/20 to 12/26. DH and I are vaxxed and boosted; DD19 is vaxxed. DH came home with a nasty cold and eventually gave the cold to me. DD didn’t get sick at all. We didn’t do PCR tests because they were nearly impossible to get in our area at the time, but I took three at-home tests over several days and all were negative.

We used masks indoors but also when in congested areas outdoors. I alternated between KN95 masks and Happy Masks, and I’m a stickler for making sure they are on tightly with no gaps. DH wore KN94 masks. DD wore the super-thin (but cute) Disney masks. DD and I washed or sanitized our hands a lot, DH didn’t (which, I’m sure, is how he ended up with a cold).

I’m super Covid-cautious at home so I tend to spend the majority of my Covid “risk budget” on Disney trips. I try to let go and relax while I’m there while still taking precautions. We ate TS indoors twice a day and didn’t mask at the table once we sat down. I’ve been to WDW six times since the pandemic began, and feel super fortunate not to have gotten Covid yet.


I was in WDW in early December with my parents. We were all vaxxed/boosted and wore our masks indoors and in crowds. We flew home on a Saturday and my dad had symptoms on Tuesday and tested positive later that week on both a rapid and PCR. We are assuming he got it from WDW or the plane. My mom and I didn’t get it (well from WDW at least, I had it last week. Not fun.).

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I took a PCR test a week before I left (negative) and was at WDW for five days. I wore a KN95 mask at all times indoors as well as a lot of (but not all) times outdoors.

I arrived home late last night and have no symptoms. I will be doing a PCR test in the office tomorrow if the predicted snow/winter weather isn’t too bad (otherwise, I will be working remotely).

I am vaccinated & boosted (all three Pfizer) and my booster was just under a month ago. Without any symptoms, I feel like I would be wasting a home antigen test if I took one at this point.


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Was this a revised version of the trip you were planning to go with your kids and grandkids? Did that one get postponed because of Covid or is that one coming up too? Last month we rescheduled a 3 generation trip with DW’s family planned for next week. My in-laws were talking about going alone, but then decided to wait until the whole family goes (after the under 5s are vaccinated).