Re-opening news for WDW

The day of the re-opening announcement, Bob Chapek said on an interview on Bloomberg that they would be “switching millions of reservations” to the system and it would take time and that was why they were waiting till July to re-open. I think the Universal quick re-opening caught them by surprise. My guess, WDW was hoping to take advantage this pause to implement changes to their much maligned systems and have been forced to roll it out early.


Agreed, WDW has enough worries at the moment without guests make all kinds of changes.

Although they have let DVC members make new reservations but that is a separate reservation system.

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They could not prevent DVC members making reservations.

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Yes, this is true, there are real estate contractual issues.


Theme Park Cast Members are being recalled to work starting June 28th


Gearing up for Park Reservations!

First post updated with news about linking tickets to MDE and the AP Calendar being updated.

Thanks to @cherokee_jacket for this thread:

This looks like a good sign that Park reservations might start soon, Disney is telling guests to be sure tickets are linked to MDE ASAP


And ADRs can be booked by phone for guests with reservations from June 22nd thru July 10th.

See separate thread:


Encouraging signs!

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My MDE looks different today. My balance due amount number is removed as well as the “make a payment” option. Weird. It has been there this entire time and poof, gone today.

Congrats! You’re trip has been entirely paid for! :smiley:

Either that, or Disney is, once again, making updates to the system. Give it some time.


I just checked my MDE and same thing…

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My payment due disappeared back in May. Maybe they’re just assuming we’ll all cancel.

Mine doesn’t look any different, but I didn’t have a balance due, so maybe that’s why.

On the bright side, I had to call today to ask about a ticket that was mistakenly used on our last trip and there was zero hold time. And, even better, the ticket that was being held in a guest services file that I originally had to go to great services to use is now transferable to my MDE. The CM said they upgraded the system to do it because of the reservation system. So I don’t have to worry about that now!

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That’s my initial fear. They want people to stop making payments so they don’t have to be bothered with all the refunds in the future.

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Am hearing this morning that guests who were first unable to reserve at Jambo DVC, but then were able to last week (?), are now being told that they will be moved and Jambo DVC will NOT be opening 6/22

If true this is a major screw up. They had it locked down - why did it get opened, now creating another whole group of people whose reservations are going to need to be modified by GS?

File this under: oops.

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Is that related to the MLS thing maybe? Is that still happening?

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MLS will be in the Swan and Dolphin exclusively.

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I reserved Jambo house on May 23rd. (DVC)

they are moving all Jambo House reservations to Kidani village per Disneys update this morning.