President Trump to visit GF on 12/7

Obama visited the company I work for in the building across the street from mine when he was President. It was a totally separate facility. We were told that we would not be able to leave the building until after he had left, so if we wanted to leave before 4 or 5pm, we should work from home.

Secret Service and a presidential visit is no joke on security.

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On site is very slim…most of the availability is at GF! I may try Priceline or something. It just seems like the prudent thing to do. Now I’m wondering if we can extend our car rental by a day too.

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This is Tom Bricker’s take: President Trump Cancels Visit to Disney World - Disney Tourist Blog

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We’re going Friday.

I booked my party of 6 a suite by the airport. I can cancel until 6pm on 12/6. I don’t know if I would know by then, but even I don’t, I booked with points so it feels like less of a hit! They also have free airport shuttle, so I’m no longer worried about extending our car rental.

I just now remembered that we are supposed to be at MK that night to watch HEA with the dessert party. Ugh.

Not everyone is suffering from flygskam, apparently :smirk:


I am sorry to miss you. I will be there Sunday.

I really love this site. My first reaction to even the most loosely related reference to anything political makes me cringe. Because then the anger and arguing begins. But here we seem to be able too focus on the thing we do agree on. We love Disney. I so appreciate it.


and a hatred for delays and traffic. :slight_smile:


That’s not devisive. We can all get together on those issues.

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Read My Lips: No New Delays!

Randall 2020: Let’s make america on time again!


On this site we argue about more interesting issues … like what is the best TS … and which park to plan on for a second day if you can only choose one … and whether the dining plan is financially worth it.


I can live with that.

I don’t know why, but we knew his route. Last time it was down the hill between our house and the airport, and it was good weather so we rode our bikes up there and waited. They start setting up a couple of hours before the traffic is actually stopped. So what the front desk at the resorts would know is, where the police activity is occurring that day.

Several years ago it was pretty much straight down the street into town, to the hotel and back up to the airport again. Again, pretty obvious, but that was the visit that made my daughter late to school. I think I would avoid any street that is a fairly straight line between the airport and the GF, for the whole day.

But you can definitely find out where it’s going to be in time to plan your route accordingly, because it takes so long to set up the road blocks. That would actually be a great use of the Liner chat app.


One of my husband’s colleagues is from Indiana & hosts the Vice President at their cabin on occasion. I guess there’s some kind of family connection or long-time acquaintance with the Pences. (This is not as unlikely as you might think, everyone knows someone who knows everyone in this under-populated place!)

And you’re right, it’s no joke. I wouldn’t know whether to be nervous or feel that I’m the safest spot in the world!

And once, we had reservations for dinner in SF. The restaurant called (it might not actually have been the restaurant, now that I think about it) and asked for all of our names several days in advance of the date. Turns out that was where Chelsea Clinton was going to be at the same time, when she was the First Daughter. I imagine that’s what is going to happen to the guests at the GF. Conveniently, Disney already has most everyone’s name.

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That’s so cool.

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I actually think he flew home every night to be with his family, as they didn’t want to move to DC until the end of the school year.

If they’re like our friends, they’re pretty nice people.

It’s kind of remarkable the number of well-known people you can meet hanging around in underpopulated, yet popular places. There are only so many restaurants and events to go, and people to meet. Sooner or later you’re going to run into some very famous people. But sometimes, it’s annoying, like when I was trying to get to YNP through the NE entrance and Kanye West had a Sunday Service in Cody. Police were handing out speeding tickets for 100 miles in all directions. They never do that. Usually they just wag their finger at you- if you have local plates.

My favorite story is becoming friends with one of the directors of the Smithsonian, who happened to be at a geologic field station just down the road from our house.

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A few weeks ago VP Pence came to Arizona. I didn’t realize he was there until I started my commute and noticed weird things happening. There was a huge line to get onto the interchange between freeways that I usually take. At the last second I bypassed it and went an alternate route (this ended up being fortuitous). As I passed, I saw a cop standing at the top of the elevated exit ramp (with a good line of sight to the airport). A couple miles later, I then tried to cut through the airport (my occasional alternate route - don’t judge) and there were cops blocking the exit. No way in or out of the airport.

At that point I turned on my rusty FM radio and found out that Pence was at the airport, about to head to an event. The traffic guy said that the secret service would not give them any specifics about which roads were / would be open or closed and when. They also revoked their access to traffic cams (this is the major news radio station in Phoenix). So I snaked my way through whatever open freeways I could back home, and only lost about 20-30 minutes over my normal commute.

When I was almost home, the announcer mentioned that the freeway entrance I originally bypassed 40 minutes earlier was STILL closed. The people had been waiting there the whole time with no way to get out of line once they were on the exit ramp. :astonished: