President Trump to visit GF on 12/7

Nah, they’re probably putting him up in Cindy’s castle!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Highly doubtful he would stay at the GF. I’m sure he will head to his own property after the event.

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I think Melania would be a beautiful Cinderella. :star_struck:
(She probably doesn’t get to go.)

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Agreed. There is zero likelihood that he will stay the night at GF. He’ll go to Mar-a-Lago. He’s known for preferring his own bed. (During the transition, I think he flew home from Washington DC to NY every night so he could sleep in his apartment in Trump Tower.)

He may actually only be at GF for an hour or maybe two at most. He just needs to show face, shake some hands (or not — he’s a germophobe) and deliver a few remarks.


[quote=“mousematt, post:24, topic:65947”]
(During the transition, I think he flew home from Washington DC to NY every night so he could sleep in his apartment in Trump Tower.)

I hadn’t heard that. That’s disgusting, if true.

Guess I need to budget a lot more time to get to dinner at 1900 Park Fare that night…

Any other date to change your reservation too? Ugh poor timing!

I would definitely plan for delays if you are flying out of the same airport as Air Force One. My parents had a connecting flight through Newark on a day when President Obama was flying into there. Their entire flight was cancelled and they had to spend the night at the airport before getting another flight to Ireland the next morning. Security around presidential flights is huge!


Worth every penny IMO!
But forewarned is fore-armed. Make changes now if able Liners. :heart:


Nope, we’re only going in for a quick weekend and have MVMCP the only other night we are there…

Are you going to the Friday or Sunday party?

What I’m hearing you say is that I should add another night to our trip…


Are we sure he is flying into MCO? A former president flew into the city I work at and they landed at a small regional airport.


A) Don’t rain on my chance to extend my trip! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

B) I would think all local air space would be affected.


Me - Talk me out of this ADR and/or event!
You - Wait, there’s more to add on?


These are exactly my thoughts.

OT - happy birthday @Pod

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Absolutely you NEED to add a day. Clearly.

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We get lots of presidential visits owing to the fact that we’re a swing state, and my city is smaller than WDW. In fact, my daughter was late to school one time because the motorcade path lay between us and the school, and the secretary was entirely unsympathetic.

At our house in town I can walk down the street a bit and watch Air Force One come in across the valley. It’s a sight to behold and it’s just HUGE. We don’t get 747s here except for emergency landings and the POTUS. Then we can drive up to the airport and see it a little closer. It’s a little airport!

They tend do what @kerrilux experienced- just cancel or have flights moved, but the ones that proceed don’t seem to be delayed very much. Although I do agree it’s wise to be prepared, you never know.

The traffic barricades are another matter. They shut down streets hours in advance. That can really snarl things up. I’d suggest everyone ask at the resort desk or look at the local paper to see if they know where the route is, and plan accordingly. It’s kind of fun to wave, but they tend to drive surprisingly fast, haha. I guess when you know the path is clear, you can.

Imagine planning around a parade at MK, only a hundred times bigger.

I think this is very unlikely. Life goes on as normal for the most part. Trump when to a ball game the other day. I would worry about the immediate vicinity of the President, which has already apparently been reserved, and I’d worry about the path of the motorcade, but otherwise it should be business as usual.

It’s kind of surprising how they swoop in and out. No dawdling around. I guess the Secret Service is pretty good at this!

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I would. Although hotel availability was very slim last I checked!

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When POTUS came to where I live for a fundraiser over the summer the route was classified, for obvious reasons.

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