President Trump to visit GF on 12/7

Streaming the magic is reporting that the president is visiting the GF on 12/7 for a fundraising event. Plan accordingly.

Uggggggggggh. I’ll be at MK that day. Good thing I dont plan on leaving the MK security area all day. At least my resort loop is planned for the next day pre-party, so I won’t be trying to get to GF with all that extra security.

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This may have implications for visitors from now until his visit.

Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet were the subject of a bomb attack in 1984. The Conservative party was holding a conference at an hotel in Brighton. The IRA planted a bomb some days before Thatcher arrived and timed it to detonate while she was in residence. She narrowly escaped injury from the explosion but others were not so lucky.

Since then advance parties routinely enhance security at hotels that are to be the subject of political visitors.

There are likely to be delays in the GF area until after this event.


I did not know this history! Whoa. That’s awful.

Too bad WL doesn’t have convention space. This resort always seems historic and American, perfect for a visiting POTUS. But I guess GF is more Grand.

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It was awful, 5 people were killed and lots more injured. I was 10 and I remember it really clearly.

I’m sure!!!

True. And woe be unto anyone trying to arrive at or depart from whichever air field they decide to park Air Force 1.

Some would say it’s perfect.


Oh, you mean the day I depart?!

I was thinking it might be your trip dates!

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We only plan to be at GF on 11/30 for dinner at 1900, so, other than possible airport issues, it hopefully won’t affect us. We’ll be across the World at AK on 12/7.


I would prepare yourself for potentially very long delays of your flight. From my understanding all air traffic will stop while Air Force One is near & until landed and cleared :confused:


Our flight is scheduled for 5pm. Originally it was 7pm, but they cancelled that flight and moved us to the earlier one. I would prefer the delay!!! I mean, as long as I know about it before leaving AK. We rented a car so we’re not at the mercy of DME.

I remember Margaret Thatcher having a glorious set of hair… terrible teeth though. I always wondered why she didn’t use braces. I may have to google her to see if memory serves me right.

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This is a true thing. He just came to Minneapolis and I had coworkers flying back in that day that were impacted (held at their starting points because they won’t let the planes circle either while waiting to land, the whole air space is clear so they hold planes from even taking off). They also closed down certain roads while he is en route from the airport to where he is going and back.

This is not a political commentary, but I feel sorry for the people who are paying a fortune to stay at the GF to have to suffer the inconvenience of a “state visit”. I’ve been involved with Presidential security, and it makes TSA look like a Walmart self-checkout line…


You’re absolutely right. No matter what political side you align with, it’s gonna suck for everyone cause of security and it’s super ramped up because of this.

Would it be out of the realm of possibility that they’ll shut things down during the event? Like the Resort monorail?


Ugh this is our arrival day, but we will just be taking an Uber from Universal Studios to Pop Century. We have a low key arrival day planned at our hotel with possibly dinner and shopping at Disney Springs. We should be ok right? I hope it doesnt affect the rest of our trip:(

Would he be staying at the GF in just any area? I expect they’ve at least booked the whole floor and maybe the rooms above and below him. If it’s a fundraiser, they might have even bought out the GF.