Poll Time ... Have you had COVID?

This is a personal question so the results will remain anonymous. But feel free to share your experience below if you feel comfortable doing so.

Have you had COVID at any time since the pandemic began? (Select one option.)

  • Yes, I have tested positive for COVID
  • No, but someone in my household has
  • No one in my household has, but an extended family member has
  • None of my extended family has, but a friend has
  • No one I am close to has tested positive

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My brother’s been in the hospital with COVID since Monday, stable for now, and not on a ventilator. His wife and 2 of his 4 kids are also positive, but not as severe (still at home).


Prayers for their recovery!


I’m so sorry to hear this! I hope he can come home soon.

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Prayers for a complete recovery for all of them.

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I am so sorry for your brother. Prayers and healing thoughts for him! I have it and not going to lie, was really afraid that would be me. I have asthma, high blood pressure and I am overweight. Not to mention I have always had a poor immune system and have always seemed to get the worst of it when my family gets sick.

My husband is a firefighter and we were fairly confident that we would eventually get it. My husband came home with a cold, which I immediately suspected was COVID-19. Then I came down with bronchitis. I knew in my gut it was Covid when DS14 wasn’t eating or working out and spent two days in bed (not even going on his xbox). I progressively got worse and got tested. It came back positive. I have had symptoms for over two weeks now. While I still have no energy and easily get headaches and feel queasy, I am leaps and bounds above how I felt this time last week.


Glad you seem to be through the worst of it and praying for your full recovery!

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Hope they all get well soon.

Hope you are fully recovered soon.

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I hope he recovers quickly.

I have not tested positive but am pretty sure I had it back in March. I am a PCP in a low income clinic (Medicaid and no insurance). Several staff members and patients have had it already, but I don’t actually think that is where I got it. At the beginning of March, DH came back from a conference in NJ after which he spent a couple days in NYC (and went bar hopping—we used to live there in our younger years). About 2 days after returning, he developed a dry cough that lasted about 5 days and was significant because he never gets sick. About a week after he returned, I got a really bad sore throat and headache that lasted a couple of days and was followed by shortness of breath with tachycardia and a slightly decreased O2 sat that lasted about a week. The shortness of breath was a weird symptom because the only other time I’ve felt similar was when I was pregnant and Uber-preeclamptic with my first. I was already home from work due to child care issues at that time and there was no testing available at that time here for people who did not need to be hospitalized so I’ll never know for sure.


No one I know personally has tested positive since they started testing. I do know it was in this area back in January, as someone I know through work had a very severe case and was hospitalized at that time. She was later tested for antibodies and had them. My sister’s family had a horrible virus back in January. I and one of my sons had a virus with COVID symptoms back in January. We won’t ever know if we had it, but I’m sure there are people that have when the testing wasn’t available.


I had Covid symptoms in the end of February after taking a last minute trip to CA over President’s weekend and having the woman next to me on the plane cough into her hands for 6 hours straight. I ended up with what I thought was an awful cold at the time with a wicked sore throat, cough, no voice, shortness of breath, loss of taste, and zero energy. What’s interesting is whether it was Covid or not, no one I was in CA with and no one I interacted with at work when I got back got sick.

My cousin’s grandma is over 90 and in a nursing home and tested positive back in May but is doing fine now, thankfully.


A friend of mine thinks she had it back in March but has had no confirmation.

The father of one of my students got it — badly enough to be hospitalised. Thankfully he has recovered and is back home. None of his family caught it from him.


I believe my 13 year old had it in March but we could not test for it at that time. My brother currently has covid and is on week 3 of recovery.


Four positive cases within two days at my husband’s office. He’s been working from home as a result.


An acquaintance of mine that is an ICU nurse at a major hospital here in NJ is the only person I know that had had it. Fortunately, he’s a young healthy guy and it was mild enough to never need hospitalization.


Our 20 yr old had it, and it was a long couple of weeks. He lives in a house with friends and they all caught it. All were young enough to make it through without major complications, but they were miserable with breathing issues.


I know four people personally who have had it and recovered, two of them had horrible illnesses. A dear friend of mine died of it on July fourth. She was on the memory care floor of an assisted living facility. 16 people on her floor have died so far and 11 of the staff have had it. This is just on her floor. It is devastating.


Apparently another option of we’ve had weird symptoms/illnesses would get a lot of votes.