Poll Time! Best Pixar Film

I do love my Marvel!!

DC - not since Michael Keaton was Batman :man_supervillain:t4:
(Apart from Shazam :zap::laughing:)


I’m surprised by Coco’s vote percentage. From a previous discussion I’d formed the opinion the movie was too sad

Character relateability is important. Character growth matters. As does inclusivity. I’m thinking we all view stories through the our own experience lens and mine is heavily swayed by being told you can’t because you’re a girl.

(yeah, maybe after several decades a person should dump some baggage) (but then maybe Captain Marvel wouldn’t resonate quite so much)

Another thing with better movies is layers. Sight gags. Jokes for adults. It’s a Bug’s Life does that. The music is great. The main society is matriarchal. Inclusivity. Growth. And there’s that thinking outside the box which always appeals.

Up and Cars have similar messages of inclusivity, layers, growth, and surprise.

Most of the other movies in poll 1 have good qualities. They just don’t resonate as much.

I left out re-watchability. As @Qwerty mentioned, if I’m walking past and the movie’s on, do I have to sit down to watch. Coco is that way. That’s not all it’s got going for it.

Three of the movies I haven’t seen.


How is Up not getting more love? I think it’s absolutely brilliant and hilarious and heartwarming. Easy first pick for me!

Also, did I miss the Disney film results somehow? I never saw which film won in the final round.


Coco is a happy kind of sad though. Not like Up which is thoroughly depressing right from the off :sob::sob::sob:


Huh? Every character is relatable! Depth of character and character development is to me, key. Unlike most superhero movies these days (ahem, MCU, ahem), this movie could almost standalone as a family dynamics movie, even if you took out the super powers! Mr. incredible has an incredible love for his family, but struggles with the guilt of wanting to find significance in what he does…and risks losing his family while pursuing that which isn’t as important! Mrs. Incredible is trying to hold it all together, but fears she is losing her husband, etc. Anyhow, I love it all. Each time I watch it I feel I notice something new. The fact they have superpowers is really secondary!

(My favorite superhero movie of all time actually has almost no action whatsoever…Unbreakable!)


The Lion King. :roll_eyes: :rofl:


Not since the Tobey McGuire Spidey, the first three X-Men movies, and the first Iron Man. After that, they are entertaining, but too heavily focused on action and CGI and not enough on character development.

On the DC side, I loved the Christian Bale Batman movies… particularly The Dark Knight…The Joker in that movie was so brilliantly done, and they managed to pull the audience into the moral dilemma that is so common in the super hero genre of having to make an impossible choice between two scenarios.


Very good movie, but I still can’t relate to anyone in the Incredibles :woman_shrugging:t4::laughing:

I liked Unbreakable and was excited to see Glass. I had never seen Split, so sought it out before seeing Glass. Split is a phenomenally good movie!!

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I don’t see how this is possible. :pleading_face:


Who would I relate to? As a wife and mother the obvious choice is Mrs Incredible, but I think she’s far too hard on Mr Incredible and often the kids too. She’s always so grumpy unless she’s out there on her own being all super.
Maybe I should be able to relate to Violet as a previous teenager, but I was a pretty cocky kid, so I can’t relate to her either.
Edna?? I gave no problems with capes so :woman_shrugging:t4::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Being relatable doesn’t mean you have to personally relate…but that their struggles are relatable as in understandable and believable.

If I went by your definition of relatable, I would have to watch movies only about nerdy dads! :grin:


Ok, well if we have different definitions then I guess I just can’t explain well why the movie doesn’t speak to me.

The movies that do speak to me though, I find have characters relatable by my definition, so I can’t be completely off the mark.

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The original Star Wars trilogy! :rofl:

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Have I been misquoting all this time??

‘I am your nerdy dad’ :rofl::rofl::rofl:
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There are almost no movies ever that I could say I relate to by your definition. Star Wars? Nope. Not a single character. But I love them.

Lord of the Rings? Again…nope.

Indiana Jones. Back to the Future. Anne of Green Gables. Nope, nope, nope. Yet all movies I love and find highly relatable.

I won’t go on. Just demonstrating my point.


It goes without saying. He likes to cosplay, he is interested in obscure lore, he is easily obsessed and drawn into quests, and he attends large gatherings with other cosplayers. Plus he is desperate for his son to join him in his games. Ultimate nerd. :joy:


I wonder if what I should’ve said is that I can’t ‘identify with’ any of the characters.
Is that more akin to your definition?
I think I probably thought that relating to characters and identifying with characters were the same thing.

There’s noone in The Incredibles that I feel empathy with, or hold out hope for. They’re very sterile in that regard.

When watching my favourite choices for example, my heart aches for Merida trying to communicate with her infuriating mother, and I can feel the desperation of Joy trying to get back to HQ (among other things).

So where you’re trying to understand why someone wouldn’t like The Incredibles, the answer for me is that it doesn’t trigger the right emotions. It’s fun and entertaining, but I wouldn’t be able to weep or cheer for anything the characters go though.

I’m not saying that’s what critically defines whether a movie is good or bad. When I think about my all time favourite movies, that’s not what makes them my favourites. It’s just that in the case of The Incredibles, it’s all I can put my finger on to try to explain why I don’t particularly like it.


who do I need to vote for to be on your good side??


The final round, if it were The Incredibles versus Inside Out, while The Incredibles is my favorite, I actually think Inside Out is the BEST much for such a reason. And the moment that Joy realizes that she and Sadness are inextricably linked is so powerfully done.



Mine!? I don’t have as strong feelings about Pixar as I do about Disney. So you can feel free to vote your conscience.

(That said, I might like you a little more if you vote for Coco. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)