Poll Time! Best Disney Resort Hotel Location

Thanks to the Meta Poll, I have some ideas for polls that I will roll out over the next few weeks (or more! feel free to keep adding ideas).

First up:

Which Disney Resort Hotel has the overall best location?

  • A Monorail Resort
  • A Skyliner Resort
  • A Ferry / Boat Resort (no Monorail / Skyliner access)
  • A Walking Resort (no direct Monorail / Skyliner access)
  • A Bus-only Resort (or car)

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Monorail: MK area resorts except SOG/WL/FW.
Skyliner Resorts: POP, AoA, CBR, Riviera
Ferry: WL, FW, Crescent Lake
Bus Only: Everything Else
Walking: Do not use
Let me know if I need to clarify any resorts.

After this poll is complete, we will have another round to dig in deeper and find the hotel with the overall best location.

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I have come to really like the Poly for it’s location, food choices, and views.


Hmmm….I think Crescent Lake / EPCOT is best location, because you can walk to 2 parks. But you listed Swolphin in a different category (walking) than Beach/Yacht (Skyliner), so I have no idea how to vote!


We’re going to have to narrow it down to a single resort, so you’re going to have to make your decision now which Crescent Lake resort you like better!

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I chose Skyliner because I agree with @ISUamanda about the walking to two locations plus lots and lots of meal time and live performance time in Epcot even if you started somewhere else. BUT I have only once stayed in a monorail resort (BLT for 1 night to walk to MK and went to AK that day we checked in) so I didn’t even use the monorail. I will give it a try if I can get my point rental at Poly (I’m waiting for 1/29th as I’m looking to check in 12/29/2022 for a NYE in MK cuz I’m absolutely nuts…yes I’ve even done this before so I know how crowded it’s going to be and I said never again…it’s just DD really wants to ride Tron again and I’m hoping the longer I push this out the more chance it’s open plus she’s out of school and not at her dad’s and I can hopefully snag 29th/30th at EPC for the FOTH and GotG. I figured since my goals were MK and EPC that Poly was the best fit…I have asked for Lake View so I can be close to the TTC in Moorea) so I can finally say I have done this. I will also state the location be darned if I can get something magical like AKL which has taken over number 1 spot for me unless I was planning on spending a ton of time in EPC.


This may or may not be the resort I’m leaning towards. :wink:


We’re going again this weekend… another Theme Pk/ Lake view :heart_eyes: (DVC studio)

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Agree - I consider YC/BC/BW to be walking resorts because that’s the primary method of getting to a park. I’m not going to walk to the skyliner to get to epcot from the BW. That being said, I ended up picking skyliner resorts because it’s so much easier on the feet, and just as quick as walking (from Riv, CB, etc)


The reason I included BC, etc. as a Skyliner resort is because you can get to HS from there. I filed each resort under the fanciest style of transport available there.


I voted walking (but I mean YC/BC/BW) as I would not use skyliner to get to HS or EP from these resorts. I’ve never stayed Swan/Dolphin/reserve, but I’m sure they are nice.


If you wouldn’t mind chaning your vote to Skyliner resort, I will be using the results to narrow down for the next poll. So if Walking resort wins, YC/BC/BW will be eliminated.

As a reminder, to change your vote, click “show vote” in the lower left corner of the poll and then you will be able to vote again.

I’ll go with Walking, although BW has Skyliner access.

ETA: Mean, I’m really saying best resort location would be YV/BC/BW/Swan/Dolphin, which are walking resorts…but also have bus and skyliner access as well.

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Please tell the HS Skyliner CMs that BW/BC/YC are skyliner resorts- please……

Oh! To settle the debate (or complicate it) the HS skyliner CMs said “BW/BC/YC are walking or boat only”

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I think we would split between Poly (for location) and AK (for theming and dining) every time if only Poly had more options available than hotel room/studio/bungalow (or the ridiculously priced special suites)


If you’re trying to vote for BW:

I didn’t realize I was being so controversial! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I just had to group the resorts so I can narrow down in subsequent rounds.

BW has skyliner access, but isn’t really a Skyliner resort because you can get to the same parks without using Skyliner. A true Skyliner resort would require you to use Skyliner to get to at least one park (such as Pop Century).


So Contemporary is not a Monorail resort because you can walk to MK and bus to Epcot?

Actually, I don’t disagree with you about the definition of Skyliner resort, but again, this is just categorization purely for purposes of the poll!

I thought about just doing Crescent Lake area as a separate group. Probably should have, but it’s too late to change the poll. I just kept thinking about the Skyliner station being right next to BC, and how I used it every time we came back from HS, and it just didn’t feel right to not include it as Skyliner.

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I voted for Skyliner resorts even though I would never stay at a Skyliner resort. My favorite location is Crescent Lake for YC or BC. I would never use the Skyliner from that location. But, that is because I do not like being on the Skyliner.

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Good point. Hmm. Not sure. Because when I think of Skyliner resort, that would mean AoA and Pop Century, etc. But I’d never call those the best location.


Thank you for the explanation of how to change a vote! I didn’t know that was possible. I also voted walking because we walked for BWI until I read the directions. Oops! Fixed now.