Poll Time! A Meta Poll

I want to do another poll but I need ideas. So … I’m going to do a poll about possible polls. :joy:

What Topic Would Interest You Most for a Future Poll?

  • Attractions
  • Food
  • Accommodations
  • Transportation
  • Other (specify in comments)

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Please comment below with any specific ideas and I may get around to more than one of them in the future!


Regarding accommodations, I am typically most interested in:

Why it’s a good location
What the amenities are that I can’t get (m)any other places
Whether a particular view/location is worth paying for
How’s the dining
Why is the room layout good or not good

I don’t care about the mattresses or pillows LOL




If someone gave you some funds to just spend on you (not tens of thousands of dollars, but more than you would typically budget into a family vacation), what would you splurge on?

What would you splurge on if it was just you on a solo trip?
What would you splurge on for your family to experience together?

Also what would be a tiny splurge? medium? large?


Something about who is in your travel group. But that could have multiple parts: who do you usually go with, and who is your favorite way to travel to WDW.

Go solo
With spouse/significant other
With one other bestie for WDW not the spouse/SO
With just your immediate family (such as parents with kids)
With part of your immediate family, such as mom with girls, or parent with one child
With kids, parents, and grandparents of one family unit
With a multi-household, multigenerational group


That’s a good one!


I’ll be the first vote for transportation- with so many new changes and factors recently (demise of DME, Covid, resort parking fees (ok not so new), rope-drop procedures changing every so many months, Genie+) how are people now getting to their resort and to the parks? Are more staying off site? Are people more or less likely to rope drop with Genie+?


I’m guessing you’ve never stayed at Swan/Dolphin?

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I think this is an excellent poll.
Picked dining. But runner up would be accommodations.
Specifically about dining:
Would like to see polls for (separately) best QS, TS, Snack by location but broken into a) overall best, b) best value (not price), c) best quality d) best atmosphere e) best seating
This would be difficult to put into one pole but I would love to get liners opinion as I’m sure I’m missing out on a lot!
As far as accommodations, similar theory (separately) for best Value, Mod, Deluxe broken into a) overall best, b) best room size/ layout c) best dining variety, d) best transportation to and from parks e) best value (not price) f) best pools
Edit: Boring right, lol!


Nope. One of them only has double beds and that’s an automatic hard pass.

The other one only somewhat recently got queen beds.

Neither of them was attractive to me in the least before recently and even now only peripherally

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I’m with you about the double beds, but I think they’re really just 2 inches narrower than a queen mattress, based on posts I’ve seen where people measured them, and posts where Dolphin told them those dimensions. Too bad Dolphin had to make such a confusing situation by not using regular queen sizes.

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Well I really prefer a king if I’m not alone as that’s what I’m used to. I suppose alone a double would probably suffice. I’m not a particularly large person.


Dolphin has King rooms with sleepers. I thought they only had dbls before I stayed there. (I truly have no idea how marketing ppl get paid for examples like this, but everything I saw said lead me to think they only had doubles.)

Swan has had queens since 2016 at least.

The beds are definitely “heavenly” as advertised, though. They might ruin you for other beds on property.

Come to the daaaaaark side. :laughing:

They are not everyone’s cup of tea, I get it. For our fam tho, a fantastic choice with fantastic amenities, location, and the foooooooood.

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This does not work for our family of 4

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Aren’t they also shorter?
Thought full was 54", queen 60" wide and full 75", queen 80" long
Had to go straight to queen for my very tall son when upgrading his bed, this was the main reason.

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We did a King at Swan last year. The sofa sleeper could potentially be used for 1 teen or 2 littles, not 2 teens IMO. DH agreed that that was the most comfortable bed he has slept in at Disney so far (he’s particular though).

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I have done some of these - if you search “Poll Time!” you should be able to find all the topics. But I haven’t done it from the perspective of your specific suggestions, so thanks!

I have already vowed never to do this. LOL


I’ve checked out some of the past polls, will do more searching :wink: Things have changed so much recently though.

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That’s true. LOL Time to start over …

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I voted accommodations:

Which offers more benefit:
Epcot or MK area resorts?

Which mode of transpo from resort adds most value to resort (Combo transpo and accommodation question):

Does popularity if resort (meaning how many non room guests it attracts) deter you from staying there?

Yes or No?
Which resort do you consider the worst for resort site seeing?
Grand Flo
Ft Wilderness
Wilderness Lodge?


Wait…shouldn’t there have been a poll to determine if we should have a poll about possible polls? :thinking: