Poll Time! Best Disney Resort Hotel Location Round 2

I’m going to go ahead and start Round 2 of this poll because in Round 1 it is obvious by now that only the “Bus” resorts will be eliminated. (Sorry about the confusion on the categories.)

I’m splitting Round 2 into three polls below - make sure to vote for your pick in each poll:

Which Monorail Resort Hotel has the best overall location?

  • Grand Floridian
  • Polynesian
  • Contemporary

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Which Skyliner Resort Hotel has the best overall location?

  • Riviera
  • Caribbean Beach
  • Art of Animation
  • Pop Century

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Which Ferry/Boat Resort Hotel has the best overall location?

  • Wilderness Lodge
  • Fort Wildnerness
  • Beach Club
  • Yacht Club
  • Boardwalk
  • Dolphin
  • Swan
  • Swan Reserve

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If you do not see the resort you believe has the best location, I classified it as a “Bus only” resort and it was eliminated. This includes resorts that only had a ferry to Disney Springs (e.g., POFQ), based on discussion in the original thread.

I thought about separating out DVC, but there are only a few where location is significantly different between DVC and non-DVC. If required by popular demand, we can drill down further in a later round.

Feel free to discuss further below! And remember, this is just for fun. :wink:

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Poly - because you can walk to TTC for direct monorail to EPC access without having to make a change
Boardwalk - because it’s the closest to DHS for walking and just a couple of minutes further than BC to EPC, plus it’s the first boat stop from EPC. So for walking it’s the closest to DHS and it’s the fastest for boating to/from EPC even though it’s not the closest for walking to EPC
CBR - because it’s skyliner station is the main hub so you don’t have to make connections. Yes, I’d rather stay at RR but if you’re going to a park by the skyliner there are no exchanges necessary regardless of which park.


I put Riviera because it’s more compact, so there aren’t situations where you’re walking forever to get to the Skyliner station. That might make up for the need to transfer. Definitely the toughest call of the three polls, though.


Totally agree.

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Poly- because monorail, TTC and boat to Disney.
The skyliner was hard because, well Ive only stayed at 1 and I dont know how the skyliner works (like which has shorter travel distance). I picked pop because of the value resorts, I think the bus transpo is best.
BC- short boat ride to HS, easy walk to BW, EP, and YC. BW would be next pic but I love visiting YC. If we were going on “value” I would say BW or Swolfin for price.


I agree about Poly for walk to MK and TTC for direct monorail to EP. And honestly I feel like it has one of the best views and vibes.

I loved walking from there allllllll the way around to Contemporary a couple of weeks ago. That was a mighty fine way to spend the better part of an hour (leisurely walk with photo stops) and I look forward to doing it again someday.

To have left my room at 3:05 am and arrived at EP at 3:26am (selfie time stamp) was pretty freakin awesome too.

Massive drawback is hotel/studio/bungalow only. But that’s not part of the location discussion.


Ah yes. The variety of transportation options is mighty vast here.


Poly - Can walk to TTC for easy EP monorail access, short walk/monorail ride to Poly from TTC after riding monorail from EP at end of long day (as opposed to CR, which is most of a monorail ride around the loop), can walk/mono/boat to MK, can walk to TTC for big ferry to MK or express monorail to MK (which gives you different view of CR as you pass through it, going opposite direction from resort monorail), has beaches you can watch fireworks from. Poly’s tropical decor is a better contrast to winter snows if you’re from the north going to WDW in the winter.

RR - First I picked CBR for Skyliner hub, but then I realized RR is walkable to CBR and is the only Deluxe in this category wherein you get the Extended Evening Hours. RR has elevators, CBR does not.

BC - Closest to EP and a Skyliner station, has DVC (Yacht Club does not), and has Stormalong Bay.


Never stayed, bit I still picked Poly because you get easy walking, boat, or monorail access to MK, and monorail access to EP.

Picked CB because it is the Skyliner Hub. More walking in general, but the poll was about transportation, not internals of the resort. Riviera requires a transfer, making it one additional step that CB doesn’t have.

Finally, picked BW because it is overall closest to both parks for walking. BC would be a close second, since it has the EP advantage.


Poly for monorail hotels for sure. Ability to walk to TTC and 3 fast options (monorail, boat, walkway) to MK puts it ahead Contemporary. Which is grrat too, close walk to MK and one stop from TTC is also excellent.

Out of the others it’s a tie for me between BC and BW. The former is slightly closer to the IG entrance, but BW a bit closer to HS if you intend to walk there. All 3 incl YC are very good.

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100% agree with you

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I’m an idiot and didn’t see that there were three questions.

Just voted for Skyliner and Ferry

Skyliner - Riviera because that seems to be where everyone is focused on getting to. I love Pop most but this is about location

Ferry I picked Beach Club because it’s closer to Epcot by foot than any of the other resorts by any transportation

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Next round is live!