Paypal Cash Back on Disney Gift Cards

I got one with Mickey and Friends 100th anniversary, and then one Fireworks Fantasy.

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excellent! I never caught that it repeated on the date. Here’s hoping…

Follow up…as of this morning (not true yesterday), my “reward” is showing up as $65 instead of $115 in both the app and on the website. :confused:

Do you know if you have to use your Best Buy card for this?

BOOO! What is that about?

I have no idea. To them, it was showing as two different orders, which I don’t get…it was a single purchase with two cards in it. They must do some behind the scenes magic. But at this point, I don’t know if it is a temporary glitch, or legitimately they cancelled one of the cards. And if they cancelled one, will they cancel the other? And if they do, I’ll be really annoyed since the ONLY reason I bothered doing this was for the discount/reward. I have all year long to wait for other discounted offers from other places.


Lost track… Rakuten or Paypal? I’ve never used the Paypal discount/ rewards and am intrigued.


no - just check the website the morning of the 22nd and see if they have any discounted cards for sale!

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Paypal was great last summer all the way up to Black Friday in November.
The cash back that week were mostly pulled back for many, then the % off at Paypal for shopDisney completely went away.

Just this week was the first time I saw PP had 6% off at shopDisney again, but I haven’t seen any reports on people trying gift cards since November.


I’ll share an update.

I purchased $500 in Disney Gift Cards on shopDisney through PayPal on 11/16/22 when the cash back reward was 12%.

My account immediately showed 6,000 pending points. A number of days later, it showed 12,000 points. Then it went to 0 pending points in a matter of a couple weeks (and still displays that now). I contacted PayPal various times with not much help or answers.

Today I was told:
"The order is still pending, and that could be a reason why the reward is still pending.

As a 1 time courtesy, I have gone ahead and issued you a total of 600 Gold rewards. We appreciate your patience on this.

The 600 points are on my account already. I may still contact them again in a month if I don’t hear anything.

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How is the gift card order possibly still pending 4 months later?

I don’t know what to believe anymore. I’ve been told so many different things…

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