Paypal Cash Back on Disney Gift Cards

Happy to report back my recent Paypal gift card purchase test was successful!

Quick version: Clicked through Paypal portal to shopDisney and bought 2 gift cards (physical 50th Anniversary cards), one each on 6/29 and 7/1.

The cash back points went into pending on Paypal and stayed that way until they posted on 8/28 & 8/30.
So 60 days on the dot for each.

Also, I used a Disney Premier Visa for the purchase, so already got another 2% back in Disney Rewards on that - total = 11% off.

Paypal link


How does this equate to cash back?

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You cash in the 1125 points for $11.25.

Oh ok. I haven’t used paypal since my account was hacked years ago.


Great deal! Hoping for a little more detail on how to apply the deal though. My PayPal will show that ShopDisney is 9% cash back. But there’s nothing to click to save the deal like the ones on the main page. Do I just purchase on the Disney site and use PayPal to pay and it automatically gives the cashback?

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Hmm, I don’t recall if I hit save deal already or if it wasn’t there in the first place? Been a few months since my purchase now.

But, I just hit Shop Now on the PayPal page and it acted like other shopping portals like Rakuten and kept track of the session I believe.

You need to find a little square that has the “shop disney” logo and the percentage off, click through that to shop - as JJT says then it is just like Rakuten.

Unlike Raketun, I cannot get it to save in “favorites”. In fact I can’t get itnto show up iin a search. ButnifnI scroll through all the deals, it shows up eventually.

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Ooh, @kklausing, Heather’s response makes me think mine was unclear: You DO have to initiate the shopping session at Rakuten for the cash back process from them to begin. Just like Rakuten or other portals.

For the record, I used it again today to buy some newly released Oswald D23 pins - I was also able to add the DRVCMEMBER code in the shopDisney cart and pay with my Disney Visa (using “Pay with Paypal” option at checkout) to get another 10% off today’s deal.

That 10% off code will almost definitely NOT work on GCs, but can’t hurt to try!

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Thank you! I found it on my laptop, just not on my phone. Do you know if there is a limit to how much you can earn in rewards? I thought I read somewhere it was $75 but now can’t find that. I’ll order more if it will get me more back!


I haven’t found any maximum earnings wording in the terms myself.
So if there is maybe one of us MUST ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE. :money_mouth_face:

BTW, The only reference to $75 I can think of is when one of the Discover cards had Paypal as a quarterly bonus they maxed that out at $75?

Challenge accepted!! But just to confirm - I log into PayPal, pull up the deals and hit “shop now” on the Shop Disney category, then add the gift cards and pay with PayPal. Right? Then 60 days later the 9% reward should show up in my account?

Yep, that’s about it!

Only other thing I can think of: over the years there have been reports that cash back at other sites sometimes works for some gift cards styles and not others. I don’t think there are any solid data points on that being accurate or just coincidence.

But, if you want to hedge your bets: I bought the physical 50th anniversary gift card design (because I thought they’d make nice gifts for my girls.)

I bought a $100 card the first day, then realized that probably wouldn’t trigger enough cash back to hit the threshold for me to request the funds be sent to my bank, so I bought another $25 the second day.

Update: I took the challenge and ordered two $500 physical gift cards last night. Got an email that I had 9000 (so $90) in pending gold points. So crossing my fingers this did work! If so, I’m definitely doing this for to pay off the rest of our trip!



I figured worst case scenario if the cash back failed, I would still have gotten the value of the gift cards.
I just wish it didn’t take 60 days to process! :smiley:

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I did the same yesterday with two $500 egift cards. I also have 9000 pending gold points, so looks like its working the same with physical or emailed gift cards.

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I also had an interesting thing happen on a separate purchase. My Chase credit card has a “Chase Offers” of 10% cash back at Shop Disney online, but max of $5 cash back. I bought a $50 gift card to max that offer out, but must have been in the paypal portal still. The rewards are showing up in paypal (450 pending points), even though I didn’t pay with paypal. These points might get reversed back, but if it works, I will have gotten $4.50 cash back from paypall and $5 back from Chase on a $50 gift card.


Huh! I was trying to get that same deal to stack on my original GC purchase but it didn’t work. One of those hit and miss things I guess.

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Yeah, not sure if I even could replicate it and wasn’t even trying to do it. Might try it again as I used my wife’s Chase card on the other one, so the offer is still redeemable on mine.


Reporting back on this. I did try it again.

I entered ShopDisney through the Paypal port, added $50 egift card to cart, and then paid with credit card on shopdisney. Did not pay with paypal at all, but only used them as a link to get to the shopdisney website. Chase credit card shows shopdisney payment, so I should get the $5 chase offer (7-14 days). Paypal shows the +450 pending points.

Side note, if anyone has the Chase +5% points that rotate each quarter, this coming 4th quarter has paypal as 5% up to $1,500 in spend. Paypal has 8% cash back on its site (down from the previous 9%, but still good). Combined though, that’s a 13% cash back on gift cards.