Paypal Cash Back on Disney Gift Cards


I really suspected you had to use PP as the payment method too, so good to know you don’t. That brings those linked credit card offers back into the equation. I have to see if I still have one on any of my cards now. :smiley:

Theres still a chance that over the next 60 days PayPal reverses out those pending points. I am still half expecting those pending points to disappear one day. But maybe they don’t care how you pay as long as you purchase through their portal.

Nah, I’m thinking now that we’ve seen the transactions happen successfully with several people that once those pending points drop in we should be good. I don’t think your wrinkle in payment will likely change anything.

But, good to do a proof of concept - thanks for taking one for the team! :checkered_flag:

I just took another shot using the same technique as Eric - so hopefully we’ll have a couple of positive data points.

I went through the Paypal link to shopDisney, added a $50 GC (50th Anniversary design) to cart and paid directly there with my Sapphire Preferred which has 10% shopDisney cash back on it.

Today PP was back down to 8%, so if all works out: 8% + 10% + 50 Chase Ultimate Rewards.

I tried two today, one was paying directly with my chase card (10% deal) but through the PayPal portal at 8%.

I saw nothing that even indicated it had registered the sale. Then I made a purchase through the portal (now 9%) using Paypal (Discover Card 5%). It seemd to acknowledge that sale, but now shows nothing pending.

My Rakuten 5% purchasing with Paypal (Discover 5%) has already gone through. Discover paypal 5% cash back ends this month. Tempting to spend the rest now through Rakuten, but its hard to leave that paypal extra 3-4% on the table!


My magic number for the cash back to show in PayPal pending seems to be 2 days after the purchase.

My GC order from 3 days ago showed up in pending yesterday, shopDisney shipped it today. Still no 10% off at Chase yet, but that site says it can take up to 7-14 days. Not holding my breath that one works. :smiley:

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Good to know on PayPal, I couldn’t remember how long it took me last time. I have had several chase discounts process - it always takes awhile, but processes within the credit card billing cycle which is whay matters to me!


My 10% off Chase posted yesterday, which was 13 days after purchase.

My paypal seems all messed up as it shows all the points pending at the top, but only shows 2 of 3 purchases in list.


:partying_face: to Chase 10% (Wish the max back on that was a lot higher.)

:upside_down_face: to Paypal pending.

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My Paypal is pending now too. For both the one where I paid via paypal and the one where I paid directly with my card.

I agree on wishing the CC rewards allowed more than $50. I have 2 cards that run this every 3 months. So that is about $400 a year at 18 to 19% I’ll take it! That is half my DVC dues.

With the Discover card that is another $1500 at 13-14%. As my DH would say, “that’s adult money”.


Just want to update: I just noticed that the 10% back at shopDisney card-linked offer I had on my Sapphire kicked in and the $5 from my last $50 gift card was credited to my Chase acct.

So on that particular $50 GC I got 8% back from Paypal, 10% back from Chase directly, and Chase Ultimate Rewards points worth about 1.5%, for a total of $10.25 back or 19.5%. (Without that Chase offer, it would have still been a nice 9.5% back.)

I think the next thing I have to try is paying for a GC using a Visa debit gift card bought at Staples with my Chase Ink Cash for 5x Chase Ultimate Rewards.

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I still need to get in on this!

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Ok so I had a 10% off Office Depot deal through my Chase card. I went in person and bought an $80 gift card ($8 was the max back) AND THE $8 JUST POSTED TO MY ACCOUNT! WOOHOO!


They closed all the physical Office Depot and Office Max stores around here, I meant to test that deal out on an online GC purchase and see if it worked.

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I also bought a $50 card at CVS with a 5% up to $2.50 back and see that was deposited too. I only have 5% back for shopdisney, but I should probably use it asap with paypal right?

Every little bit helps - but 5% is nothing to sneeze at any day, I’d use it if I could up to the max back they outline.

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I don’t understand how all this deal stacking works. My brain is apparently three sizes too small…

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It can all definitely become convoluted - doesn’t help that some cash back offers specifically disallow gift cards, but work anyway, that % back offers on credit cards randomly work or don’t, and shopping portals more than randomly don’t track purchases when you click through them.

But, if you take a little time and take notes on things people report work you can do fairly well saving money on gift cards etc.

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