Park Touring and the Genie+ & ILL option

I had this issue too and submitted a ticket with screenshots. The LL part is not working for me.

It looks like we’re missing some LL data. David is working on it now. ETA is less than an hour, I think.

Go ahead and open tickets if it’s anything other than that. Thanks!


I’m told we’ve regenerated the LL data. Please try to re-optimize plans, if you’ve got them.


Hmmmm, it’s still not working for me. I deleted and redownloaded the app. And it shows that I have G+ but the system is not adding in lightning lane suggestions for me.

When I manually add in an LL for PPF, I get this.

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Ah, thanks for sending the screencap with that date. Looking at it now. I think we just loaded December and are on to January now.


Makes sense to prioritize the people that are in the parks now. Thank you :grinning:


I can’t seem to get LL return time forecasts consistently except as part of an Optimized plan where the system chooses my LL’s. I appreciate the system is trying to minimize my total time for the day, but I actually care more about minimizing wait time by maximizing LL’s.

What I would like is to give it a list of target LL’s to obtain at specific booking times, and get a RT forecast back for each - I could figure out the rest from there. But I can’t get that to work, bc Evaluate wants all those Obtain steps to happen before plan start time. I can play around with plan start time and get something, but it’s laborious.

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I’m playing around with it, not sure if I’m doing something wrong.

I created a plan with the plan times of 10:30am-7:00pm with six G+ eligible attractions, then optimized. It only has me obtaining and using two LL’s the whole day. Obtaining one at 9:27 and the other at 3:29. There is no free time at all within the plan, and the last attraction is well past 7:00.


Are you happy with that plan?

It seems to be optimizing around getting through all the rides listed even if it means riding standby, and assumes that plan start time is fixed with no wiggle room.

What are you looking for in a plan?

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Well no, it runs to nearly 8pm.

I understand it won’t get all the LL’s if not necessary. And it hasn’t gotten any better when I shorten the hours. Hmm, definitely will take time to figure out…I’m hoping this isn’t too complicated for most users. :grimacing:

And you’re right, you should be able to manually add an attraction and get a forecasted return time. TP has that data.

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Fwiw I have not had a plan work with any parameters I’ve set up since fpp went away. I just think the data is too unpredictable to work with the software anymore.


I agree the data is now very complex. My suggestion to @Len would be, is it possible to provide more flexibility to allow users to optimize the plan themselves? I don’t necessarily need TP to find the ‘best’ plan, but I sure could use help pulling together all the supporting information in one place, like forecasted RT’s, waits, walking times, opening hours, available rides, etc. so that I can make a ‘good enough’ plan. I’d be happy if I could put together a list of rides and LL ‘Obtains’ and have TP look up / calculate the forecasted wait / RT times / walking times given the order I put them in and the start time I put in. Then, I can move them around and play “what if” until I find something I like even if it’s not the absolute ‘best’.

Is that what the Evaluate function is supposed to do?


I mostly use Evaluate these days when I make a TP. I know which attractions I want to do when and roughly when the best time is to do them. Sometimes I’ll do one optimize just to see what it says. But after that Evaluate is all I need.


With Evaluate, how do you get it to forecast a bunch of LL ‘Obtains’?


I haven’t tried the new features yet, so if anything I would just do a break or snack if there’s a step I need to squeeze in.

Sharing some info:


You may want to post your question on one of those blogs…

We plan to do this with Evaluate. To your point, we first wanted to see how complicated the UI got with what we had. Let’s see how this goes and we’ll go from there.


Sharing updates and info here from Len…


That part isn’t the issue; the problem is that it uses a predicted standby wait time for an attraction I will be using LL for. Thus It will show 52 min wait when it should be 6 min. I haven’t been able to figure out how to make TP factor in the use of the LL.