New Touring Plan with Lightening Lane forecasting question


I thought it was just me!

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@len might be interested in this.

I never found TP to be useful for max pass so I am keeping :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:the bugs get worked out.

Now what WAS useful for maxpass was the graph theybhad for each ride of the expected time distribution of FP (under maxpass) for that crowd level. Was usually right by plus or minus an hour.


Glad to see this. (well, not really, but relieved?). I’ve been trying to build a HS plan and am running into the same issues - it says all LL are gone.

I tried using ThrillData and manually entering the ones that I think I can get. Then I optimize. It’s a lot of work, but seems to do what I want for now.

Hey @KimBeano - what date is this for again? It might be an issue with the data. Thanks!

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January 28, 2023.

Thanks! Looking at this now.

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Oh, which of the Jan 28 MK touring plans is this one?

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It is a personal one I am creating not a TP one… not sure if that is what you are asking. But, if you are looking at mine I have created a whole bunch now to do testing. The one I screen-capped with Philharmagic and Tea Party (which I then changed to Dumbo for the same result) is labeled TEST LL.

Cool - that’s what I was asking. I’ll make a copy of that one then. Thanks!

This is a new feature for us, and we’re interested in ideas on how to make it more useful. Please post any ideas you have. Thanks!


Will do. Thanks for taking a look. Please let me know if I am just doing something wrong. Most likely option. :smile:

Looks like the following link is related to the same issue.

My customized plan using ‘Evaluate’

That does appear to be the same issue.

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Cool. I’ve got a developer looking at this and should know something more around the end of the week.

I think this might be something simple, because this is a straightforward use case that we definitely tested before release. So something’s off, but it doesn’t seem like it’s major. Thanks again for sending this in.


I’m also making a TP for Jan 28! And it won’t let me use Genie plus and ILL. It keeps just using genie plus and giving me some odd return times like late at night for barnstormer.

Am I doing something wrong?

Is this your “MK Day One” plan? If so, does it look okay now?

@len we ended up qualifying for DAS so I put in our return times for that. And then just put in 7 Dwarves as a random return time assuming we DAS it as soon as we enter the park and its no more than 2 hours on a CL 5 day (Jan 28). I don’t know if that is the right way to do it, but we won’t need to buy ILL anymore…

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Looks like it is fixed! Thanks!

Just to close this thread out: We’ve updated the optimizer code as of January 16, and it should do the following:

  • Better calculate the time at which the next Genie+ reservation is available
  • Suggest more Genie+ reservations as a result (thus lowering your overall wait in line)
  • Reduced the possibility of getting chunks of “free time” in the late morning, especially for plans that use Early Theme Park Entry. (It didn’t happen often, but it’s one of our regression tests and we saw the chance to do it better.)
  • Fix an issue with Universal Express Unlimited that was not using UXU on multiple rides to the same attraction on the same day, in some cases.

I think that clears the queue of known optimizer issues. Let me know if y’all see anything else.