Why does my Touring Plan waits seem difference than thrill data’s info? Why can’t I make a TP with my LL guess?

Yeah I’ve been using thrill data to help me get a better gauge of wait times and LL return times

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Back in August, I think 830a was normal open, 8a for early, we lined up at 7a, and were first at a turnstile. They started scanning people in around 740a.

But keep in mind only rise and falcon are open before 8a. Don’t run to tower for example.

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When we were there in December they opened the ride queues right at the exact time, not earlier.

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My plan is very similar to yours, can you tell me what CL day you were planning for? It’s projected to be CL8 on my planned HS day. Thanks!

Look at what time your arrival is compared to the LL return time. I’ve had to add small breaks between for it to recognize using a LL vs standby.

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@FOGMELA Clarification - TD doesn’t make predictions, they only report what the posted wait actually was on a specific day in the past. TP is forecasting actual waits in the future. It’s 2 different things.

Thanks so much

I used a CL7 day

Can you send me an example of the site crashing when trying to optimize? That would be … a big problem.

Also, we’ve just updated the code to better handle G+ return times (as of this morning). Let me know if that helps.


It’s exactly this. We know from experience that a huge chunk of people who say “I’m going to get there first”, don’t get there first.

The solution to this is to just re-optimize after you get off your first ride. We should probably say this somewhere - it’s a good point.


Thanks. How early do you recommend getting to the park for early entry so we aren’t in the middle of the pack? It’s for a CL7 day at HS and the other days for other parks I want to say CL5 and CL6. Thanks

I think we’re telling people 30 minutes before the start of Early Theme Park Entry (ETPE).

DHS is tricky because of the massive amount of downtime at each ride. But assuming everything is running, ETPE is your best shot. Good luck!

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Not sure if crash is the right word. The screen froze at “waiting for results” after I optimized.

It worked better today. However, when I entered jungle cruise as the attraction to obtain LL at 7 and used evaluate, the return time listed is 9-10, but JC is still listed as standby with a 50 min wait (see #11)

Then I tried optimize instead and it picked POC and kept JC as standby

I know we will eventually get there, but for now it’s still a bit difficult to use

That happened to me twice last week as well, and twice all of my manually inputted LL times poofed.

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Okay, so the return time for Jungle Cruise is 9:05 am to 10:05 a.m. In an “Evaluate” scenario, it’s up to you to put Jungle Cruise in the right spot so that the Genie+ reservation is used.

That is, “Evaluate” just says “Here’s the order in which I want to do things. Tell me how long it’ll take, without changing the order of any steps.”

Move Jungle Cruise to just after Main Street Vehicles, and you should see it use the G+ reservation.

In short:
EVALUATE says “I know what I’m doing. Here’s the order in which I want to do everything. Do not re-arrange the steps. Tell me how long it’ll take as shown.” EVALUATE does not make Genie+ suggestions.

OPTIMIZE says “Re-arrange the steps in whatever order makes the most sense.” OPTIMIZE will make Genie+ suggestions.


On desktop or mobile? I’ll open a ticket if I can reproduce that.

On desktop. My process had been

  1. create the plan
  2. add steps in a general order
  3. manually add the first 2 anticipated LL times (based on recent TD LL availability charts)
  4. evaluate
  5. make notes in steps to remind myself which LL to book next
  6. shift things around to make desired meal/break/show times work
    repeat 3-5

I think it’s happening in step 5… like, I edit the step to add the note and when I save something blips and my times are gone, but the plan times aren’t affected and the steps that use LL still say that it uses a LL ad reflect that in the wait, just not the timing of it… until I evaluate or move anything that causes the times to be erased, then it’s all lost. It only happened like twice or maybe 3 times in a LOT of shifting, editing, and planning.

Ok, I haven’t tried that yet. Thanks

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If it happens again, let me know the plan ID (or the URL) for which it happens. It’s probably something simple, like a piece of missing data, that we can easily fix. Thanks!

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