Park Touring and the Genie+ & ILL option

I have used Genie+ on two trips and consider myself somewhat educated on how to use this but I cannot figure out a specific scenario I am looking to doing in a few weeks as I make my TP.

If I book JC at 7am for 9amLL → SM at 9am for 10:30amLL , after I use the SM LL can I book 2 different LL bc I used up the most recent and its is now 2hrs after park opening? Or would the 2nd one only be possible if my next available LL was in the future?

I have searched for this but nothing is super clear on this. I am sure its in a forum somewhere so sorry for the repeat.

Unless MK opens at 7am, you cannot book SM until after you have scanned into JC (or two hours after park opens). If you enter the JC cruise at 9, you can book SM at that time, you can then wait 2 hours, or book your next one after you scan into SM.


Each LL yields only one more LL - either when you tap in to the ride or when it’s been 2 hours since you made it. Never both.


Great thanks I think I get that. So either use the closest LL and then book a new one or 2hr from park open or since last booked LL. Which ever comes first.


You can only book another LL after two hours (in the morning, two hours after park open) or use of your LAST booked LL. If you are stacking for the afternoon, that is important. If your last LL booked is for 4pm, but an earlier booked LL is used at 2, you can only book another one if your 4pm one was booked 2 hours before.


I’m not sure what you mean by closest. It is the most recently booked LL that you would need to use to book another. Perhaps that is what you meant.

Edit: You would also have the 2 hour option too. I was referring only to the most recently booked option.

Update from Len on LL forecasting posted on another site:

We’re in the final stages of testing that functionality for the plans - it should be out in a couple of weeks at the latest. There are no known issues right now.

The big difficulty was in figuring out how to include getting the pre-arrival “Get a Genie+ for Attraction X” steps into the plan, and choosing those efficiently.




This sounds very familiar! :rofl:


In the meantime, my quick&dirty approach is to use thrilldata for same day last week.


Update from Len on another site:

We’ve finished the coding updates for our touring plan optimizer for G+, too. We’re waiting for Apple and Google to approve the app changes. Once those are out, we’ll tell you the best G+ reservations to get, and when, for your specific date and list of attractions.


This is exciting!! I love making touring plans! Even if it’s for a wishful thinking trip.

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Sharing here also,


Lines app update late Monday/early Tuesday.


The site is updated with the new Genie+ support. App updates are going out now, and might take (Apple says) up to 24 hours to complete.


Thanks for posting these!

I have tried following these instructions with both a new and “template” TP and it doesn’t seem to be working. When I optimize, it doesn’t add the suggested LLs and when I evaluate with a manually added one, it says it can’t find a forecasted time. Has it worked for anyone?


Having trouble optimizing at all

@len is there anyone that can help troubleshoot here?

Feature request: ability to forecast return times for manually added LL’s.

Ie you add an LL, and instead of inputting return time, there is a button called ‘Forecast’, you hit it, and it populates return time automatically.