Park Touring and the Genie+ & ILL option

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Magic Kingdom touring tips video.

  1. Staying offsite and using G+ & ILL
  2. Onsite, rope drop and not using G+ or ILL

Is there a way to split your party up into two MDE accounts so each of you can book G+ and ILL rides?

Our scenario: Kid #1 is 11 years old and kid #2 is 4 years old. My wife and I want to split up so one can go with each kid as they are going on mostly different rides. We want to each book 2 ILL and 1 G+ ride at 7AM as we’ll be taking the kids on different rides throughout the day. I bought park passes and reservations for all of us on my account, not sure if we can split them at this time.

Let me know if anyone has a way to accomplish this, thanks!

You can just select the people you want when you’re booking.


Finally! Some love for offsite guests.

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Yes, I thought about you @SneakyPete :grin:

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Updated G+ Priority blogs for all parks:


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I don’t even have to open this video (yet) and I love it already!

Also, I love her shirt. I briefly considered naming my car Tamatoa because she’s so SHINY!


Another G+ data update


I just discovered this thread as it seems to address my main struggle point with Lines (and TP) which is how the heck to handle LL + Genie+. Has there been an update on this? I looked at the app store and don’t see any new updates, and am probably too thick to see any updates in the web version.

Specifically, my issue is: How do I know which LL to grab given the options, and which will actually save time? I know the broad “priorities” of rides, but at that moment of LL res decision making, it’s not clear to me which makes the most sense given all of the variables.

As an example I was just playing with Lines, added a LL for Jungle cruise (at the time it’s available for right now) and it actually made my plan 20 minutes longer for the day. How can I manage this when it’s go time?

No update yet, I’m sure there will be a blog article announcement at the least when the LL forecast capability launches.

In the meantime, see the most recent articles just upthread. Also see some of Becky’s great videos over the past couple months.

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Right now there are a couple of strategies, and like Becky goes over in a couple of her videos, there’s no one-size-fits-all to cover all the parks due to a big disparity in demand for various attractions in each park.

Some highlights, and observations from my trip last week:

  1. HS has a bunch of high demand attractions, and unless you’re going on a very low CL day then a stacking strategy seems to be an efficient plan here, especially if you have hoppers and can maybe go to AK in the morning where you won’t need to use LL. SDD is the big one!
  2. MK just has a lot of attractions, and booking Meet Mickey or Jungle Cruise right at 7am then just doing a turn & burn all day worked really well to get us through everything with minimal waiting.
  3. Practice stretching, because a lot more flexibility is required now… any sort of set plan just doesn’t work anymore. I used the thrilldata LL availability charts from the same day of the week for the previous 2 weeks to get an idea of what I’d be looking at for LL at any given time of the day, but quickly realized that decisions on the fly were the new game, so by day 3 I just had a plan with a list of things we wanted to do that day that I continually optimized.

It seems like there are a few options:

  1. grab the LL that is generally in most demand (the ones that run out, are longer lines without them, etc) and let TP optimize around it and hope it works out (we are doing very slow walking / minimize walking so our hands are a little more tied)
  2. grab LL for times when TP already tells me to be at a ride so I don’t criss-cross the park
  3. just take the soonest ones and maybe risk missing out on the longer-wait rides or waiting for a while for something

Aside from HS my main strategy was book the really high demand one at 7am and then just do whatever was logical as soon as I’d tap in. Like, I’d look at what was available soonest (or soonish, if we had a meal or show we could fit in), and among those whichever was close to where we were right now or where we’d want to be for food or a show.

We did midday breaks, so I’d keep that couple hours downtime in mind and maybe grab the second most in demand one (like Jungle Cruise at MK) if it came up with a good time for when we’d be returning.


Another updated article