Park Touring and the Genie+ & ILL option

Cool. I’m out of town 8/14-18 and I don’t want to release code while I’m gone. So it’ll either be before the 10th or the 19th. Thank you!


Sounds like powerful medicine. Looking forward!

Can’t you do this on your lunch break?


Taking me more like a week, but yeah. The main part of the code is easy. It’s dealing with contingencies that’s hard. Like “What do we predict now if we haven’t seen a FP return time in an hour?”


Just gor back from a non-Disney vacation and thought it was worth commenting.

This is almost impossible without BG1. Because without it, if you refresh and see the perfect time, you have to go into Genie, drop your LL and then hope the time you wanted was still available. Typically, not worth the risk. Refreshing before you book (unless the very hard to get ride, or a perfect time is staring you in the face) is always worth it IMO.

With BG1, where you don’t risk losing anything, it should absolutely be a strategy at some point in your day. I believe @Qwerty discussed this a lot in her trip report and I have mentioned it too. But it is definitely a less discussed strategy, and only among people using BG1.

On my trip, I found refresh/rebook useful at HS and MK. At MK it just helped me bump times closer and closer. Once tou can bump it within what would have beem your 2 hour “cool off” time it is totally worth it. Refreshing also yielded harder to get LL (like PPF).

At HS, I found MFSR and MMRR were most likely to “pop” while refreshing, but that may be because I had already stacked SDD, TOT amd RNRC earlier in the day. I booked a MMRR for after dinner and then we had an hour to kill before dinner. We grabbed a slushie and we were going to head toward Star Tours, but while we were drinking them I sat there refreshing. A MMRR for five minutes in the future popped up and I was able to grab it. After tapping in I waited in the lobby, refreshed a few times and was able to grab an 8;30 MFSR. This meant that after dinner, with refreshing, I could get a TSMM - which completed my day.

I also used rebook to get better times for my schedule earlier in the day. Sometimes if you know you are using the drops later, it is okay to reset the 2 hour wait.

About 1/3 times I got an error message that my time was not available when I tried to use rebook. It was enough that I would never risk dropping and booking through MDE.

Finally, if you have a golden ticket, refreshing loses its importance, so that may affect what strategies people are discussing.


Yes. Sometimes in line for food or such, we’d both just hit the refresh buttons a bit and would occasionally get a better time. I remember scoring better times a few times.

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Here’s where we’re at on the Genie+ code for the optimizer. Two (hopefully minor) issues to work out. I’m optimistic they can be fixed in about a week. I’m headed out on vacation the week of August 14 (Vancouver/Banff/Calgary), so we’re looking at a release on 8/22, when everyone is back in town.


  1. We occasionally mis-calculate “The time I can get my next Genie+ reservation” when Genie+ reservations are obtained before park opening. (This only applies to WDW plans.) This is a little tricky because it involves both forward- and back-looking calculations.

  2. For plans that start many hours after official park opening, we don’t identify more than one pre-arrival Genie+ opportunity. That is, we need to better support “pre-arrival stacking.”


You guys are awesome.


Are you going to do a trip report? :rofl:


The big feature I’m looking for is the ability to reliably predict what G+ LL availability and return times you can expect on a given day. G+ unpredictability is one of its main complaints, and this new TP functionality could be a game-changer.


Hoping the TP LL suggestions are mostly accurate so planners who are using G+ can make touring plans with confidence again.


@joelbruick Have you seen Len’s recent posts here the past 7 days and do you think he should be made aware of this recent API change/other potential G+ changes, since he’ll be launching the LL forcast capability into the touring plans soon?

(I’m hoping it doesn’t complicate things for TP.)


This shouldn’t affect what they’re doing, to the extent I understand what that is.


Is it true that stacking is no longer working?

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You should still be able to if you have an APR for the park you’re stacking at, but not if you’re park hopping. I assume this is a bug and not some new policy because MDE gives an error message about selecting a new time, but no way to do so.

Edit: Unless by “select a new time” they just mean “wait until the next available time is one you’re actually available for”. This would be a really dumb change IMO, but I could see it being made because of the confusion caused by the times shown on the tip board (which doesn’t take your eligibility into account) vs the offer screen (which does, obviously). This could also be a precursor to requiring ADRs for parkhopping (yaaaaaaay! /s), but this is a dumb way to have rolled that out if that’s the case.

In other words, I have no idea what’s going on.


Disappointing change IMO.


This will certainly change my RD/break/hop with stacked LL’s strategy I’ve been planning!


I feel for all of you that have put hours into plans that use that strategy. They should have announced that change ahead of implementation. I feel like a dog on a leash being lead around by a genie.

We arrive Saturday and thankfully our plans are all open / close and stay inside the same park on most days.


I will have to revisit my plans. Have a few months to fill anyway!

I’ll have to revisit (not that much because I was not so much detailed). I’ll be in the parks next week.