Outdoor dining at Universal

After five cancelled trips to WDW/Universal, we are going to Universal in mid-May! :partying_face:
DH and I will both be fully vaccinated by then, but DD12 will not, so we want to continue being as cautious as possible. We’re spending 3 nights at Royal Pacific and will not have a car. Does anyone know which TS restaurants have outdoor seating (including the parks, CitiWalk, and hotels)? I tried googling but everything I found was about Universal Hollywood…

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I know they have a WDW list for this and I’m hoping to hear, like you, about same list for Universal. I can’t find the link for the forum but I did find this:
You Asked, We Listened! Our Printable Guide to ALL Outdoor Dining at Disney World | the disney food blog

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Thanks, that list is great! We are also planning on going to WDW in the summer, so it will come in handy! Now if only I could find a list for Universal…


We were able to eat outside at Cowfish (at CityWalk). I also noticed there was outdoor dining available to Vivo.
The Kitchen over at HRH has outdoor dining.


I just googled this, ( The Best Outdoor Dining at Universal Orlando’s Theme Parks - TouringPlans.com Blog


Woohoo @DocHopper for the win!!! TY!!!

hope it helped. I and my wife will be there in end of July. Fully vacinated so no outdoor problems

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Yes, soooo helpful.
Oh you’ll want don’t AC in July :smirk:

Were you thinking of this?


Yes, that was one of them, thank you! I thought they pinned a list to the top of a thread somewhere?

Yeah…no idea. It happened to pop up in my list of Suggested Topics and I remembered it being discussed so I grabbed the link…

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Thanks! That helps, although I would love to find something similar for citiwalk and the hotels. I wasn’t very impressed with the food inside the parks in our last trip…

That’s great to hear! I really liked Vivo when we were there a couple of years ago, but we sat indoors so I didn’t know they had outside seating as well.

Here is another link for outdoor available restaurants in City Walk Universal Fl (https://wdwnt.com/2021/01/photos-outdoor-dining-returns-to-citywalk-at-universal-studios-hollywood/)

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That’s actually the list I’ve been finding when googling, notice it’s for Universal Hollywood…

In addition to what is already mentioned here, I have a few suggestions for CityWalk and resorts. However, these may be a bit outdated as they come from trips between June 2017 and September 2019.

Toothsome (CW): My family ate outside here the 3rd week of June in 2017 for lunch. We had a choice indoors/outdoors and were soaked from IOA water rides and went with outdoors. We were the only party outside; our server was lovely. Great experience overall!

Any resort pool bar/grill at UOR - My mom and I had a really nice lunch at the Cabana Bay lazy river pool grill (the Hideaway Bar & Grill). My mom’s a vegetarian and she had a “perfectly acceptable veggie burger” and I had the fish tacos that looked boring, but tasted delicious (they were piping hot and the coleslaw was super tasty). Later in the trip we picked up a Mediterranean platter from Atomic Tonic (also at CBBR, slide pool). It was perfect for a group snack and they packed it to go for us. Pool hopping is allowed at UOR (we were staying at CBBR at the time so it was convenient to us) .
I know you are over at Royal Pacific, but I think they have a really good poolside ding option there at the Bula Bar & Grille http://touringplans.com/universal-orlando/dining/bula-bar-grille


Thanks for the tips!

That sounds like a great excuse to visit CBBR! I do love lazy rivers…

And this sounds like a good option if we’re feeling tired!


I’m pretty sure all the City Walk restaurants have outdoor/patio seating available.


That’s great! We were there in 2019 but always sat inside, so I was worried we would have to have quick service for the entire trip. I’m not a huge fan of sandwiches/fast food in general…


I just don’t understand eating out and getting sandwiches! If there is the smallest wait, I could make it faster at home (or even on a park bench!), for a fraction of the price, and there isn’t even any cleaning up that I got out of. Why? Why?

And then also…they’re just sandwiches…meh…

The only pro I can find on sandwiches is they usually come with chips. :heart_eyes:

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