Creating a List of Outdoor Dining

My family has a tentative WDW vacation scheduled in October. As my home state of Virginia is opening up, we are becoming more and more aware of what we are comfortable with, and what we are not comfortable with. We are surprisingly more and more comfortable with going to WDW. However we are not very comfortable eating indoors, masks off. In the end, there are some places I may be willing to go (i.e. Sci-Fi, but not Prime Time) but I would like to plan for as much outdoor dining as possible.

Edit: I was originally asking to crowd source this data, then I went ahead and researched it myself. Please see the list below and let me know if I missed anything, or if you have more resort info to add.

It looks like they are listing what’s available… I thought FTBBQ was going to be open?

I am going to link this thread

It has a link to a blog post and a list.


I am specifically interested in help developing a comprehensive list of dining options with outdoor seating. Since I am going in October, some places may open up, so it is worth listing them, even if they are currently closed. But it is also easier if people know it is closed, to say so, so I don’t have to cross check everything. My list was the outdoor dining that first came to mind!

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Thank you! I searched but couldn’t find anything for some reason. When the family goes to bed, I’ll developed this into a list with closed and open!

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I also just found this blog that lists all of the restaurants that don’t have outdoor seating and those that do have it! I searched once but didn’t see anything. I guess twice is the charm! I’ll still post a list.


So I answered my own question (with thanks to restaurant information which includes if a place has an outdoor seating option). I went through all of the restaurants at the parks and some at resorts I may stay at (I just bought DVC but don’t have my points, so I am daydreaming about where I might be able to make a reservation). So here is what I’ve got. This does not count kiosks or Pool options:

Animal Kingdom:


  • Flame Tree Barbacue
  • Harambe Market (closed)
  • Pizzafari (closed)
  • Yak and Yeti Counter Service
  • Satuli Canteen
  • Restaurantosaurus


  • Nomad Lounge
  • Dawa Bar (closed due to bar ban?)


  • None

Magic Kingdom:


  • Tony’s Town Square


  • Casey’s Corner (closed initially)
  • Cosmic Ray’s Starlight CafĂ©
  • Pecos Bill
  • Pinocchio Village Haus
  • Sleepy Hallow
  • Friars Nook (Closed)
  • Gaston’s (closed)
  • Launching Pad (closed)
  • Golden Oak Outpost (closed)
  • Tortuga Tavern (closed)

Hollywood Studios:


  • Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge


  • ABC Commissary (closed)
  • Backlot Express
  • Catalina Eddie’s (closed)
  • Docking Bay 7 (Limited Outdoor Seating)
  • Ronto Roasters (Limited Seating in Area)
  • Fairfax Faire (closed)
  • Starring Rolls Bakery (closed)
  • Woody’s Lunch Box (Closed)
  • PizzeRizzo


  • Baseline Tap House
  • High Octane Refreshments (closed)



  • Regal Eagle Smokehouse
  • Rose and Crown Dining Room
  • Spice Road
  • Via Napoli
  • Tutto Italia (closed)


  • Electric Umbrella (closed)
  • Katsura Grill
  • La Cantina de San Angel
  • Lotus Blossom CafĂ© (closed)
  • Tangerine CafĂ© (closed)
  • Sommerfest (closed)
  • Yorkshire Fish and Chips Shop (closed)


  • Rose and Crown Pub

Resorts I happened to be researching

Animal Kingdom Lodge and Villas

  • The Mara (closed)


  • Trader Sam’s (closed)
  • Capt. Cooks


  • Pop Food Court

Grand Floridian:

  • Gaspirilla Island Grill


  • None (except pool)

Wilderness Lodge

  • Geyser Point

Old Key West

  • Olivia’s Cafe
  • Good’s Food To Go


  • Big River Grille (closed)
  • Trattoria al Forno (some seating)
  • Boardwalk Bakery (some seating)
  • The To-Go Cart (closed)

Beach Club/Yacht Club

  • None except pools or other Boardwalk locations

Riviera and Caribbean Beach Resort

  • Topolino’s Terrace
  • Primo Piatto
  • Old Port Royale Food Court

On WDW web page it’s stating “Temporarily Unavailable” Is that the same as closed?

I see - it is only the “fruit market” open. Dawa may have gotten the ax too because of the alcohol closings as I don’t see that on the latest list from WDW (it was on their originially)

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Tiffins outside seating would be Nomad Lounge

Lol - excellent point.

Our two favorite places, just happen to be outdoors …

AK - Tiffins deck. My favorite quiet spot to eat and recharge.

Boardwalk - Big River Grille. We love sitting out on the boardwalk patio at this micro-brewery. The lights and night breeze, is a great place to chill and recap the day.


Okay, added Boardwalk! Tomorrow I’ll finish the Boardwalk area and add Wilderness lodge!

The thing I like best about Big River Grille is the non-Disney prices!


Thanks for putting so much time into this. Great help.

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I believe Topolino’s Terrace at Riviera has some outdoor seating. And the new restuarant at DS, Paddlefish.

I was wondering where this list went. SO helpful right now, thank you

Thank you! I added Riviera and CBR to the list. I haven’t tried to tackle DS yet, good to have those in the comments!

I wonder if this could be pinned? It is probably something we’ll need for the foreseeable future. @len whaddaya think?


Happy to recreate this so it is at the top of a thread and not in the middle… Also I am on staycation next week so could spend some time finishing the resorts that are currently open and start on DS table services (I think all DS QS can be assumed to have an outdoor seating option)

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Thanks @heathernoel. Yeah, if you don’t mind starting a new thread, I’ll make sure it’s pinned at the top. Thank you!