Outdoor Dining Options at Parks

Hi! Wondering if there exists a compiled list of outdoor dining options at the parks & resorts?

Considering our planned 2020 trip and would prefer to minimize indoor activities if we decide to go.

Appreciate any tips!


Not sure such a list has been compiled! But a great thought. We also would be more comfortable safety-wise at outdoor, though I do think the heat in August might be a limiting factor to physical comfort

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Welcome Karen!
This should be most of the outdoor dining options inside the parks:

Casey’s Corner (closed initially)
Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café
Pecos Bill
Pinocchio Village Haus
Tony’s Town Square

La Hacienda y La Cantina
Le Cantina de San Angel
Rose & Crown Pub
Spice Road Table
Tangierine Café
Tutto Italia (closed initially)
Via Napoli

Flame Tree BBQ
Nomad Lounge
Satu’li Canteen
+lots of outdoor seating near various QS venues

Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge

There is random outdoor seating near QS dining venues in all parks
EDITED to add 6/28


I know that the Yorkshire Fish Shop is NOT on the opening list.

There is outdoor seating at Satu’li Canteen in AK.


Via Napoli in Epcot also has outdoor seating!


Casey’s too?


The list I saw online listed Casey’s as closed


Thanks! I remember Yak and Yeti QS but is Harambe Market open too? AK seems to have at least a lot of decent QS options.

Yes Y&Y QS and Harambe Marker are both listed as open. You have a great point that AK has a lot of outdoor options.

DTB is where is I got the open/closed by park.

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I know this topic relates to outdoor park dining, but does anyone know if QS at the resorts will be open? At Pop there is only the one QS at the main building, and if that’s not open, our only food options would then have to be at the park?

Flame tree has an awesome outdoor area.

Peco’s Bills- they will have to modify the toppings bar right? I mean they won’t have the self serve stations to add all your own taco toppings which is the only good part of that restaurant if you ask me. lol


The food court at Pop will be open but they have not released hours that I know of. You could take a short walk to AoA if it is open during your visit. We typically go over there to get a little variety. You could also go to another resort if the Skyliner is running

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That makes me killer sad :frowning: In the original iteration of this trip, I was looking forward to some corn dog nuggets and gazing upon the castle on day 1.

My mom loves Casey and we always do it for her, even if she cannot travel any more. In December we mobile ordered and brought it to the old Fast Pass area in front of CP. My sister, niece and I had a picnic of nuggets and fries while we watched the Christmas stage show and then the fireworks, It felt like my mom was with us!


That’s what I would love to do, but haven’t they said that you have to have a TS reservation to visit another resort? So QS resort visits are likely a no-go?

That’s what they are saying, but I think that may be for those driving? How are they going to verify anyone’s resort of stay unless they scan magic band at buses and such?

At the resort entrances? I desperately do hope we can visit other Skyliner resorts for QS however, was really looking forward to Riviera’s.

Flametree BBQ is my favorite place to hang out and relax. I have many pics of our babies sleeping in strollers there while the big kids rode Mt. Everest. It’s so relaxing in the outdoor seating area of FTBBQ.

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Which entrance? Like, to the building?

IDK I guess we’ll have to see in the next couple of weeks howthat works out