Our First Fully Vaccinated Trip Home!

We finally made it to the day…the day we head back “home” for a while. Ready for this year’s sister trip, just my older sister and I. We’re both 40 somethings now but still love to be kids. We’ve been back two other times during the pandemic and this is our first time fully vaccinated. That part definitely makes a difference when social distancing is not a concern with KCI parking. Just look at this bus…28 people total!

Now, we are ready for seven solid park days and all Disney this time. We decided to forgo Universal this trip. Maybe it’s wearing on us, or maybe I just don’t like their crowds in a pandemic. Either way, it’s Disney all the way this time. We should be landing in Orlando at around 10:30 EST. First on the list…straight to Disney Springs! A little Homecomin’ later today should do us some good. We will eat A LOT on this trip, so expect plenty of good food pics.

Until we land…just look at this beautifully empty tarmac. Such an exciting site to see!


Safe travels!

Are you going to get some Gideons while you’re at DS?

Safe travels! Have fun!

We’re going to try. Won’t be to DS until probably noon, so depends on that waitlist. But more to come…


Safe travels! Have all the fun!


Let’s start with the controversial poutine…


Mmmmmm curds!

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World of Disney wait posted at 30 min…took 5. Time for shopping!


Looks like vomit, I am good with my decision to never ever try it.


Guess where I am…ok, don’t guess. You know already.


Ok, you guessed it.


Thank goodness our Gideons came up early. We weren’t sure what we would do if it came up at the same time as our Homecomin ADR. In line cookies now.



Will let you know how the cookies are later. First up, Chicken!


Oh my…we couldn’t do it. We failed to finish it all. There were sides, too.


I had the chicken and doughnuts, I don’t think I even ate half!

I’m in 100% agreement with everything here:
A) the poutine looks like vomit
B) the chicken and doughnuts is impossible to finish (and there were two of us…granted we had eaten all the deviled eggs to start…)

@chails so glad you made it safely. Have the best time!!


Curious was crowds are like there in DS right now. We have decided to try to do DS on a Friday evening because we want to experience night time on our last day, and UOR isn’t cooperating. Wondering if it is still insane, or if it is better now with more things opening up.

I would presume a Sat. Evening and Friday evening would be similar.

Someone recently got a Gideon’s text while they were at dinner elsewhere in Disney Springs and discovered that they could arrive late for their appointment at Gideon’s with no problem.

Edit: I found it: