Orlando Informer Meet-up

I think this just confirms what we thought we already knew, but below is a recent comment OI made to a question on one of their Facebook posts that I thought useful to capture. There was no response to a question about VelociCoaster being open yet so I think it’s still a “hope and wait and see” situation.

“Hi Mona! The vast majority of major attractions are scheduled to be open during our June Orlando Informer Meetup, including ET Adventure.

Examples of attractions that will close when the parks close to daytime guests are two water rides (Popeyes & Ripsaw Falls), and one children’s coaster (Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster). However, you would have access to these attractions, if available, while in the parks with daytime guests beginning at 4 pm!

Additionally, Poseidon’s Fury, and Storm Force Accelatron are currently closed during daytime operation and do not have reopening dates at this time.“

they explicitly list Storm Force Accelatron on their list of opened rides for the event though so wonder if they’ll open it at 7pm?

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Yeah, it’s an interesting discrepancy. The quote I posted was made by the official OI Facebook account in response to a question on one of their Facebook ads 1 week ago. (No idea how to find it again…)

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Well it’s not top of my hit parade so I don’t much care but the DD13 loves these kinds of rides so she might…I’d rather have Velicoaster and so would she of course!


I’m sure everyone has been on pins and needles as I’ve wrestled with this Very Important Detail!

I’ve realized the proper solution is to keep 1 lanyard and return the other 6! Ta da!

I’m sure you are all very relieved, as I am. :joy:


Your obsession about this has been irrational, excessive and ridiculous.

So you are in excellent company here. This is the kind of detail we all overanalyse and fret about.

I have invested more time and emotional energy into park shoes and park bags than the Founding Fathers put into drafting the Constitution. (And it shows. They did a pretty poor job. I have made outstanding shoe and bag choices.)


Speaking of shoes, have you tried your Natives out and about? Too cold for me to really try them yet, since can’t wear socks.

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I haven’t. However I am planning on wearing them on my UK theme park trip in April.


Hi, June meetuper checking in. Also, I haven’t worn my Native’s yet either, but I’m at WDW 4/11 so they’ll be tried then!


Hate on America much?

I don’t think @mousematt limits it to just America? :crazy_face:


Ok, talk to me about ride photos. And I guess some rides have pre/post photos instead? But not many other photo spots? Are they all available during the meet-up?

So basically it’s $99? Could maybe split with one other family by each having a card? Or is that just a huge hassle?


Purchasing a My Universal Photos package

The photo package currently offered at the parks can be bought at the My Universal Photos Stores or at participating rides. It is $99.99 plus tax for three consecutive days, and it includes:

  • Unlimited access to digital copies of all your in-park and ride photos
  • My Universal Photos lanyard and card
  • One 4×6 and one 5×7 photo or one 8×10 photo print at the time of purchase or redemption

When you purchase and activate your My Universal Photos package, you receive two cards for that package. Using these two cards, you can add as many photos as you’d like to your account. So, if you have 10 people in your family, as long as you’re happy collecting pictures in one account using two cards, you’re set.

I have all the ride photos from a trip a few years ago. I see six ride photos. Mummy, Hogwarts, Gringots (pre-ride), MIB, JP and Hulk. The other professional photos were from the breakfast with Grinch which won’t be happening. I do see photographers in the park but I don’t feel like there as many of them as Disney. They are at the entrance for sure but I’m always rope dropping something.

Edit: However I’d go in on it with you. I think you’ll get more value at Disney though so if you’re gonna pick one place.

Edit 2: I don’t know about the meet up but I’d assume ride photos would still be in operation.

In addition to the ride photos that @jennyturin has, I have ride photos from FJ, Rip Saw Falls, and Hagrid’s. I also have photos from the Dark Room which does green screen photos, and well as from some photo spots and meet and greets. I was easily able to get a bunch of cards to add to my account so my party could split up and still get photos. You can easily access the photos from the app or from online.
You may also want to look at https://presale.amazingpictures.com/universalflorida.aspx to see what packages they have. If you plan to return within a year, you can get an annual photo package for notch more.

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The next upcoming OI Meetup weekend at Universal Orlando Resort will be announced Friday, April 9 at 10:00 am EDT.


I think this is everyone in this thread that’s mentioned they are going to the June meetup (that I haven’t already tagged elsewhere) if you’d like to utilize the above…

Awwww! So close! Would it be too much to hope for a sneak peek?

“ The Jurassic World VelociCoaster, coming to Universal’s Islands of Adventure June 10.”

Soft opening?

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But would it still be soft open during an event? Please please please!


I like to think that would be the best time to have it open.