Okay, so we’re booked for a week in October. Me, dh, ds, dil, and our twin 7 year old grandchildren. We took them when they were 4 1/2 and it was the best trip ever. When they missed their 6th birthday celebrations due to the pandemic, in 2020, we booked that October (they have a fall break.) Also cancelled that trip, and of course they missed their spring birthdays this year, too.

So this is an important trip to me (they don’t know yet, just in case.) Here’s my worry: that crowds are almost going to be back to normal, but there still won’t be fast passes. I have NO IDEA how to navigate that. I’m not a Disney expert like you guys by any means, but I am one of those people who researches everything I can when I am going on a trip. I figured out the fast pass thing to our advantage last time; now it’s gone. I am not optimistic that we can hit rope drop regularly, especially with the east coast time change - that’s early for our bodies! I know it’s really too soon to have a clue what it’s going to be like in October, but I am worrying. (One of my finest skills.) Kiddos love rides, are are now tall enough for things like FOP. Anybody who is going near that time of year . . . what are you thinking?

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We’re going mid September and I’m packing lots of patience and trying to keep my expectations low. DH is not a rope dropper and will only give me one line a day that is longer than 45 min. It makes it super hard to plan for w/o FP. We were there in April and even though they mostly continued to move, I thought the lines were bothersome because fast pass makes everything better.


Fast passes are evil. Things are better and faster without them. Do not fear.


I’m experiencing the same anxiety for my Thanksgiving trip.

All you can do is try and stay on top of the news, make a list of your absolute “must-do’s” and make a good touring plan.

As far as rope dropping goes, Hollywood Studios is probably the most important to rope drop, especially if you’re trying to get on Rise. Animal Kingdom usually clears out before park close so if you’re willing to stay late you can probably hop in line for FOP at the end of the night and not catch a crazy wait time.

EDIT: It was pointed out that you can get a BG for Rise without being in the park, but I still think it’s important to get to the Studios early to get on at least one E Ticket before the crowds get too crazy.

Are you saying fast passes are evil because you’ve been during the pandemic when the crowds were low, or are you saying that because you eschewed fast passes in the before-times? Because I am not an expert, but I read the book, and I read the printed touring plans in the back of the book, and I think, “Why would I get a fast pass and interrupt my touring plan to backtrack and use a fast pass when it undermines the plan?”

Doesn’t it make more sense to trust the touring plan? I mean – seriously, I haven’t been in 15 years – but the touring plans always worked. They worked! I just can’t figure this out.

I mean, I’ll do what you guys tell me to do, but right now, I don’t get it.

I mean, Fast passes, as created by Disney, artificially inflated the standby wait times in a way to convince everyone that FPs are needed, when lines moved faster without them. They aren’t needs, never were, and cause more problems than they solve.

BUT, when Disney has FPs, then NOT using them negatively impacts your wait times, so they become necessary…but only because they are offered.

I much preferred Disney before they introduced FP and FPP, and I prefer now that FP isn’t being used.


Whew. Ok. I can probably squeeze one rope drop out of them for HS, and would be perfectly happy to do AK later in the day instead, if that works: I just know that my grandson would simply love FOP, so hoping we can manage that: like dianelynn, the limiting factor in waits in definitely the dh, but luckily FOP was his favorite ride last time. (We’re staying at Kidani Village.)


Oh, another quick question: my son is super Covid careful. Breakfast will likely be in the room, most meals counter service to eat outside. If I want to make a few ADRs, just case - are there any places that you can recommend that either have outdoor dining or indoor places that have high ceilings/lots of space for ventilation?

I’m curious why you say this. You can get a Boarding Group from your hotel room and ride when you get there if it was already called. Now, things may change by October…


Here’s a thread all about options. Maybe more open now.

This is within that thread too.

Oh, thanks, Figment! I didn’t see that.

Looks like a good list to have!

Yeah that’s true. I didn’t mean that rope dropping was necessary for Rise, just that it’s important to be up and at ‘em by the then. So yeah I worded that poorly.

I do however personally feel like the Studios is still an important park to rope drop, with MMRR, Toy Story, and GE.

I’ve been thinking about this. I found a huge advantage with FP with my young kids last trip. Any rides with long lines we had a fast pass for over our trip, And the other rides they lined up for usually had short waits. We weren’t waiting for FOP or any coasters. This made our trip easy. No lines for us! My kids are still little, so won’t be doing big coaster but probably Thunder mountain next time. But I do hope they come back because our “filler” rides are easy to jump on. I can understand a Family with older kids enjoying this only 30 minute or less for all rides though. 30 min is a long time with a 4 year old LOL.


If you stay at the park the entire day and don’t know how to use the system, you are likely correct. For liners who know how to use the system and have young kids who need breaks, I think FPs save significant time.


We are booked for an October trip with DW’s family for her parents 50th anniversary (they were at WDW for they honeymoon the year WDW opened). It will be a 3 generation trip. We still may reschedule the trip for the spring after the young kids will be vaccinated, but haven’t decided yet.

This is all so hard to predict, but I am expecting large crowds in October. The WDW 50th celebration will be taking place plus general bent up demand from missed trips during the pandemic.

Are you staying on site? If so, the extra half hour in the morning will make RD even more critical. We have a time change too and it will be tough to get up early most days, but I think that will be key for the kids to experience the most rides.


agree 1 gagillion percent !! FP allowed us to the the rides that were must do’s (or manage our expectations well in advance if we didn’t snag a FP), making the whole trip more enjoyable.


Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, we’re on site. (AK - rented DVC points.) Ours may well get pushed back again, too, 'til kiddos are vaccinated. Probably depend on what things look like near the end of summer. I am getting awfully tired of rescheduling trips, though!


Us too! We go to WDW once a year and missed 2020 and now possible 2021. I said to DW we should take some of the money we didn’t spend due to the missed 2020 trip to splurge on some extras when we finally go. Gives us something extra to look forward to.