OBNurseNH's Secret Star Wars Viewing Thread

I’m so used to people trashing Star Wars, I can’t even tell what is “good” or “bad” anymore by filmmaking standards cause people will criticize it regardless. (And I did take a couple of film classes, so I’m not completely ignorant of what the ingredients are.)

It’s pointless to debate something like pacing because it’s all in the eye of the beholder. I find the pacing of Jane Austen to be dull, but it’s my wife’s favorite thing in the world.

You are free to dislike Andor and free to complain about it in this thread (though I’d honestly prefer you didn’t, cause I don’t like negativity about something I love), but I’m just letting you and others know that I disagree and that I’m loving it. I consider it the same as how some people love Space Mountain and others don’t, etc.


Please don’t fight, Mom and Dad! :cry:


you’re not alone, and that’s what is confusing to me too. I know more than a few of self-proclaimed film-snobs who are lavishing praise on this show (some who even hate Star Wars). Honestly, outside of Reddit, this show gets tons of praise. Rotten Tomatoes, which is a just an amalgamation of reviews, gives it amazing scores.

And I don’t get it. And that annoys me–no it infuriates me. Cause I defended Kenobi when it was raked over the coals by everyone(some of it it definitely deserved). I hung in there with Boba Fett even if I’m like “Eh, there’s been better”. But this show actively pisses me off given that I’m not ‘getting it’.

I’m asking(and asked) WHAT AM I NOT SEEING that makes it so good and the only thing anyone ever comes back is vague “it’s a slow burn” and “it’s adult star wars” excuses. Both of which are impossible to adjust to at face value.

So both are the biggest cop out excuses I can think of. And, frankly, nonsense, because I have no issues with Slow Burn or Adult Themes in anything else. I have sat through (now old) war movies where it was 90% soldiers just talking to each other. I have scoffed at “adult themed” shows like “Peacemaker” while having no issue with things like “Deadwood”.

I’ve presented evidence, and subsequent solutions, of how to fix the problems I see, and I’m then dismissed as a “hater”.


I get your frustration. I think we are both reacting to what we are seeing from others rather than to each other.

This is what I’ll say about the pacing:

It is slow. It spends time with the characters, sometimes in what may seem like unnecessary or unenlightening scenarios. But for me at least, spending those moments with the characters is making the payoff better when it comes.

For example, Episode 6 was one of the most thrilling episodes of television or even film that I have ever experienced, and it wouldn’t have meant as much to me if we hadn’t gotten the quiet moments with each of the rebels.

And I feel the same way about Kino in the most recent episode. The final line was just incredibly satisfying.


It is character development - the why behind the action. Personally, I enjoy understanding the motivation, especially of complex anti-heroes like Andor.


I’m personally enjoying seeing so many breakfast scenes and learning what choices they make for the most important meal of the day.




They could always recut the show and entitle it “Meals with Mothma” or “Syril’s Cereal Serial”


And I knew I liked your wife. She’s officially my favorite.


If it buys me any points, I do watch Jane Austen movies with her from time to time. :wink::joy:


We were talking about the 16 personalities (Meyer s Briggs) at work the other day. I was ridiculously excited when I realized Elizabeth Bennett shared my personality type! :joy: ENFJ or Advocate for those interested.

But yes, it does buy you points. She might still be my favorite though!


I’ll allow it. She is a much better person than me! :blush:

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The aspect of Andor that I think pulls me in the most is the juxtaposition between the upper class and the growing rebellion. It’s showing us how “fat, dumb and happy” they are like Andor explained to what’s his face when he was telling how he stole the thingamajoby (clearly I’m not a super fan - my son would be embarrassed for me). But hopefully you get my point. I think the pacing is making us feel exactly like the writers want us to feel. It’s a constant tension between those that think life is amazing and perfect while they have their dinner parties, and those that are being exploited and treated like dirt. The beliefs of those that uphold the law (that police woman in the I-something-or-other), the extreme measures the expelled cereal eating guy to redeem himself and doing what he believes is right, the senate woman leading a double life, the interplay of her daughter growing up in society, and all the people in Andor’s town, now occupied and punished for something he did. It’s probably one of my favorite SW shows.


It’s meant to be at the pace of everyday life.

I occasionally follow Screencrush and they just posted this video yesterday which touches on this topic. May or may not answer your question but interesting take nevertheless. Also very interesting discussion regarding nostalgia and it’s relevance in SW.

I especially recommend watching the part at 10:00 - 14:30

“Why ANDOR Works and the BOOK OF BOBA FETT Didn’t”:


What an amazing Andor episode!

I love how this series, imo more so than any other SW show or movie, has shown the darker side and sacrifice of being the good guys, and not just light heroism. Not just Andor but Mon Mothma, Luthen, Lonni (sp?)… These guys, all in very different ways, are all putting their life on the line and sacrificing everything for their cause. Also they’ve gone deeper with showing the vileness of the empire and particularly how it affects regular people.

And of course needless to say, Andy Serkis and Stellan Skarsgard delivered some epic performances in this episode and the cinematography continues to be fantastic


Guys I haven’t chimed in much about Andor, but here’s the thing:

I very much want to LOVE it. I love Rogue One and was super excited for this backstory series.

But every time I turn it on… I fall asleep. Even during Episode 6 which I finally “watched” (behind droopy eyelids) last night.

I’m sorry. I feel so much shame.


The pace was slow up until 5, which I yhink did a good job building up the suspense for the next one. But I’m surprised if you didn’t find ep 6 good, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time :confused:

I encourage you to keep watching though and if 8-10 do nothing for you then… I’m just very confused


I was completely riveted tonight! My heart was racing the entire time. I almost couldn’t stand watching it was so tense.


Wait! I thought it was over! There are more episodes???