November 2019 Memory Maker share opportunity

Another family and I are sharing a photopass/Memory Maker for November for WDW. My travel dates are 11/11-11/21. Hers are 11/16-11/24. We’d welcome 1-3 more groups depending on size of groups. Please let me know if you’d like to share.

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would 10/20 to 10/25 work with those dates?

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Party of 2 (me and my son) are going Nov 16-23. How exactly does this work…do we link our accounts somehow?

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Try this post for October Photopass share

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Chrystal, I will be there 10/21 to 11/1, and I’m interested in a share.

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Hi chrystalturner!

You could totally join our MagicMaker share group! I just responded to @betsyrina2 on my thread. Come join us!


Still have room!

11/27 - 12/7 work? There are 6 in our group.

Oooo - let me check!
It should bc in the same 30days.

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Hi! I’m not sure if your group still has space, but my family of 4 are at WDW from Nov 10th thru Nov 17th. We’ve never participated in a share, but it sounds great. Let me know!

I will be there Nov 12-19 and would like to join a share group. There are 3 in my family.

We’d be interested!! 2 people in the parks Nov. 18-22.

I am looking to join an October/Nov share. My dates are Oct 28-Nov. 1. Thanks!

Sorry !

I was moving DS to college yesterday.

I checked with the coordinator and I will be sending you PMs.

@angeleast Our dates will cover 11/10-12/10 so I’m afraid your trip is too early for our group. I’m so sorry. Did you check for any of the current October groups?

Thanks for letting me know! I am looking through all the posts!

Possibly Interested if there is still room. Just my wife and I going without kids. Dates are 11/19 to 11/24.

I’m confused on how this works…it’s the first time I’ve heard of it.

Anyone have a link to read more on it? Who pays? Can I edit/download all the photos I want?

Is it too late to join? We are a family of 4 traveling Nov 16-23.

Will be there November 29-December 4. Does this fall during your memory maker window?

Appears there are quite a few of us that are going in this November time frame that are not able to get in on this memory maker share. I’ve done Memory Maker sharing with other friends and family before, but not through a message board with strangers. I’d be willing to set one up if people are interested.

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