Memory Maker October 2019 Share

Hello Everybody!

My friend group of 3 would like to share a memory maker package for our October 22-28 2019 trip. Who wants to spend more money on a Disney trip than they need to? Please contact me if interested or know of others already looking for another group to share with.


I am interested. I’m there from 10/21 to 11/1. Just me and DS17.

Hi @betsyrina2!

That sounds great! I have a very good friend who is a Professor of Social Work over at University of Washington. One of these days I’ve got to revisit Seattle. We have time so we can see if others respond. More people mean less money for all of us. I know that a dummy MyDisneyExperience account will be created for us all to share photographs. Our first deadline would be as follows: Purchase MM 3 days before first day of earliest participants date window. In our case you are beating me to the Disney bubble by a day. I would want to have it purchased at the latest by Columbus Day, October 14th to play it safe).

Once the first picture is downloaded, additional pictures can be added for only 30 more days.
Pictures expire 45 days after they were taken.

Once we have decided on all who is participating and how much ($$) we all are contributing, we can share email addresses so we all are part of “Friends and Family” on MyDisneyExperience.

I’m thinking the easiest way to make payments would be through Venmo or PayPal.

Hopefully, others will join in who are going mid-October through early November. I don’t want to wait too long before your pictures could be downloaded. I know you will be able to view them on MyDisneyExperience until the final download is complete. The dates can change depending on who else joins in the share.

Do you have any questions?

Hope you have a magical week,

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Have you done a share before? I’m a tiny bit nervous, but I would definitely like to save money… I work at the University of Washington too.

I have been to Walt Disney World numerous times, but have never done a MM share before. I copied instructions from this forum and it all seems rather straight forward. If you want I can send you a private message with the instructions that I copied. I understand your concern. Going into the unknown is always a bit anxiety ridden.

My family will be at WDW 10/25-11/3. We would love to join the MM share if there’s still room!

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Definitely! Let’s do it!

How many are there in your party? There is a limit that can share, but I bet we don’t have close to that yet. My understanding is 25.

We have 5 in our party. Myself, DH, and our 3 kids.

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I’d be interested too - 4 adults, 1 child and a 2 year old. We are going Oct 24 - Oct 31st.

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I am interested as well! I am traveling with two other gals so we have a party of three all together! Our dates are the 15th-18th :slight_smile:

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I am interested as well

Trip Dates 10/25 - 10/31, 2 Adults

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Tonight, after work I will summarize where we all stand so far. :blush:


Kristen - where are you staying? Our dates are almost the same! (First 2 nights we are at AoA and the last 5 at GFV.)

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I just realized I wrote 10/31 and meant 10/30 lol

Port Orleans Riverside. Almost did AoA but my mom wanted something a little more adult :slight_smile:

kristen - Wishful thinking. :wink: I stated at POR last trip - really nice.

we are REALLY looking forward to it.

How were the bus routes for you when you stayed last time? pretty regular? was travel time usually about an hour?

Paying attention because I’ll be at Port Orleans French Quarter

Sorry douglasE and kristen - I can’t help you on that. I am a big proponent of a rental car. I have no patience for waiting for Disney transportation and the control freak in me gets freaky. (There are so many factors at DW beyond everyone’s control as it is!) We are rope-droppers so we usually get close parking spots where no tram is needed for each park. We really liked the resort’s layout and food court was decent. Room was a little tight for 4 adults but manageable (perfect for 2 kristen).

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We will be a Pop (your neighbor) from 10/21-10/31. We are currently scheduled to move to AS-Sports on 10/31, because we added that night, and Pop was full. I’m still hoping to get into Pop that night if someone cancels.