News: Advanced Dining Reservations starting to re-open to some WDW guests on June 30th, Also some extra experiences as well

Oga’s is not on the list to re-open when the parks re-open.

Thank you!

Not going to wade back through the thread - too lazy for that.

Has anyone been able to make ressies beyond 9/2? I have a split stay so couldn’t make ressies beyond 8/31, but expected the rest of my stay to open up at 180 from it and all that opened was up to 9/2. I’m there til 9/6

Just trying to figure if I need to call or if this is all they are doing for now?

I was able to book through my whole stay which ends 9/7. In fact, just hopped on yesterday and got Oga’s for 9/6!

FYI @cherokee_jacket Oga’s is back open for ADR’s, at least it’s there for September :relaxed:

What day does your second stay begin? Today is 60 days from 9/2.

  1. I thought Oga’s wasn’t opening? Dammit!

  2. I guess I might have to call. I wonder why!


I’m BLT 8/28-8/31 then AKL 8/31–9/6

yeah, you are in your window. Don’t get it

Now I am concerned about my split stay 9/10

It seems to be maybe glitching?? (shocker) I was able to make an Oga’s for 9/3 just now. But when I just posted before it wouldn’t let me pick beyond 9/2 for Sanaa or Chef Art

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Someone in another thread had a stay starting 9/2 that they couldn’t make ADRs for online. They had to call in to make them.

It seems to be off and on.

Prior to today I was doing it on my phone, and I HATE using the WDW website on my phone so if I got an error message or wasn’t able to go beyond 9/2 I just figured I’d try again later.

It seems a little more stable on my laptop but even then I was having trouble with Sanaa and Chef Art at first.

Nice! Yeah Oga’s was taken off the list to reopen when FL had to shut bars back down. Just yesterday I read on chat that someone had noticed it had popped back up for September.

Thanks for the heads up - I snagged one for us :slight_smile:

Droid Depot doesn’t seem to have the reservations up??

Droid depot isn’t opening, I think the CMs there are Equity.

I thought it was Savi’s that isn’t opening. Because I distinctly recall thinking that was backward with droid depot having people handle all the droid parts on the conveyor belt vs savi which is less handling.

Oh yeah. I may be getting confused. Quite likely in fact. :grin:

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You do have to call for Droid Depot. Uhg… however I was able to get a reservation for 2 no problem

On hold right now.

I will say I’m quite pleased with the reservation availability despite being inside my window. As expected, Sanaa was tougher to get - it’s the only dining location opening at this point at AKL-K - but I still secured one for about the right time. Everything else was wide open still.