New format?

Site looks very different. What happened to the monthly calendar that showed crowd predictions in colors green, yellow, and red for each park. Made it super easy to figure out which days/ parks were the least crowded. Is it gone? Seems like I have to look at each day individually.

TP has launched their more modern and mobile friendly website this week. Len has been sharing info and asking for suggestions and input the past year.

Although you may not be able to view as many days on 1 page anymore, I think the “Row View” is sufficient.

The light to dark color of the crowd levels is a nice add-on, in that it helps to visually find the best/worst days quicker.


There is a lot of discussion about the redesign for example here:


FTFY :laughing:



I hate it. I lived by the historical crowd level in the old format. This one is horrible.

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Me too!

Currently it is still available though. We just need @len to keep it active :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes. But it is way too cumbersome to navigate now. It was so much easier to see the full month at a snapshot to see trends. The way it is now to get more than a day snapshot I’d have to spend time filling out my own spreadsheet. :weary: First time in years I’ve thought about not renewing my subscription. I am hoping i am maybe just missing a feature that makes it easier to view.

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Sorry if I wasn’t clear. The old one is still available.

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:open_mouth: i cant open up your link where can I find it? Maybe its because I am on my phone its not easy to locate? Thanks!!!

It’s just a screenshot because sometimes the link reverts to the new.


You bet!

Here’s another tip. You can still view future individual days (CL forecasts) in this old format by way of the “Jump to date”.

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Thank you so much!!!

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Much like Apple, touring plans has changed some thing that didn’t need to be changed. Old format was quick, simple and easy to use. New format for the calendar is colorful and beautiful and much more difficult to use. Takes a lot longer. Why change something that worked.

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Completely agree. Did not need to change. Just makes it more difficult to use.

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Sorry Len…I have to admit, I loved the old format better…Im sure you get this just because people dont like change, but the old one was WAY easier to view

Still love your work and site, just old layout was way easier to navigate

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Love you Len but this new site is so confusing I cannot navigate it at all


Can you provide specific examples?

Personally, I find the new site FAR more navigable. The old site was very inconsistent with where links were. Menu changed depending on where you were, etc. I found myself having to poke around a lot more.

This new layout I find more natural at finding things…and it is mostly consistent.

That isn’t to say there aren’t things that could be improved. But I think a generic statement about the whole site being confusing, and you can’t “navigate it at all” really isn’t constructive feedback.

What is it you are looking for that you can’t find? Or…if you can find it, perhaps it is simply too difficult to get there because it is something you like to use so often, etc., and now you have more steps to get to the info. That info is useful.

I’m hoping to help with feedback in working through the kinks. My main issue really is more about the inconsistency across the App and the Website, and a few other minor things.

Where do i find my custom made touring plans? cant find them anywhere