New format?

Go to your Dashboard. (This was a point, actually, which they will be fixing. I was confused about the D with the red box around it on the mobile version…turns out it takes you to the Dashboard. But you can also get to the Dashboard from the hamburger menu.)

The dashboard tab or 3 line “hamburger” button (or both areas actually) should have access to every feature on the site…should have a line to click for plans, calendars, forums, videos, reviews, etc…

Needs to have one “Hub”

having to click thru sub menus to find stuff is very difficult

Where are they once i click the Dashboard? Cant find them anywhere…Has my trips, past trips…Then has checklist with checklist, crowds and notes tabs but no plans

Oh. Sorry. Yeah. You have to click on the “Show”. (I did complain about this myself…that “show” isn’t clear to me what it is meant for.) But from there you can get to your Touring Plans.

ETA: To your point, though…in the App, getting to the plans is super easy. So, I think having a direct link to plans that are tied to your upcoming trips would be helpful without having to click on the “Show” part.

Where does it say Show?

Hey, @len

Something I just noticed…

On the Touring Plans forums, it has a link near the top that says Dashboard…


But if you click on it, it doesn’t take you to your Dashboard…it takes you to the TouringPlans main page. Probably should take you directly to the Dashboard.

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Ah…thanks…thats not easy…Wouldn’t even make that an option…have it always show

Great minds and all!

I raised that in the main Dashboard thread too.

I think maybe it’s because the old dashboard had all the tabs at the top for the site navigation, So they’ve routed it to the home page in the new design whereas it’s not your dashboard anymore.

It’s almost like there were two “home pages” before depending if you were signed in or not.

So people who pay for access to this info should accept something that is just “sufficient” when it once was really good? No.

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Change can be difficult. We sure are creatures of habit.


I had more problems with the old layout than the new. I struggled to find anything, and often relied on Google to get me where I wanted. It is all headed in the right direction. Much more intuitive finding things for the most part. There are some growing pains, but the teams seems to be working diligently behind the scenes to address the issues people are finding.

I agree 100% that this is me. Hard to teach an old dog a new trick and all. I am one of those annoying subscribers who only tunes in when I am planning a trip and have to catch up on the latest changes. I just jumped back in for an upcoming trip in March, and I must say I am lost with the new format! I loved being able to see the crowd tracker right on my dashboard!
I kind of fancied myself a planning expert, LOL.
I don’t want to learn anything new (unless of course it is something created by @joelbruick , the wizard) :wink:


On the new Dashboard under “My Trips” and “Crowds & Plans”, do you see your dates with the crowd levels displayed?

There is a way to view the old Crowd Tracker if that helps. Let me know if you can’t find it. Example:


I prefer that old format as I could more easily screenshot it and paste onto my itinerary page.


Thank you!
Yes, please show me how to get to the old Crowd Tracker format. Like @NoBellePrizeWinner mentioned above, I have a document set up to just cut and paste the crowd tracker (as it is updated) into.

  1. Go to the link I shared in post #11 of this thread
  2. Choose any past month
    (If you already have your days selected, skip to #6)
  3. Go to the “Jump to Date” and select your first park day
  4. On the right, under Crowd Tracker, select “Track this Day”
  5. Repeat for all your park days
  6. Select “Crowd and Hours Tracker”

Note that it does not show the current events like it did on the old crowd calendar page.

Also note, to untrack a day you must do on the individual date page.

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Thank you! That worked out great :wink:

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The new format is awful. I’ve been using touring plans since 2018. My preference has always been the heat map. I requested it for universal as well. As I have subscribed to that one as well. I loved how you could see your entire week and all the parks. Now you can only see individual days of all 4 parks. I think that’s what I dislike the most. The old version made planning your week easier having that view of all parks all week.

The colors now blend together now too without green. They’re too close now.

Will there be any updates to see the whole week with all four parks? It’s nice to have that overview while planning so you’re not flipping back and forth between days.


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Len said he’s leaving the door open to bringing back the heat maps.

That hamburger option on the right will change from calendar view to row view:

(If you change your phone browser to desktop view, the options are spelled out)

And if you prefer the old view, see my previous posts above.

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