New format?

Thank you bebe80. I am having a hard time finding the “hamburger” any chance you can edit the screen shot and circle what you’re talking about.
And I have no idea how to swap to desktop view on my phone. =/

Not sure where your browser options button is on apple?

I see that first screen shot view. but there is still no way to bring up the view in the screen shot in your previous post. This is super frustrating.

What are you clicking on to see what weekly view in the first screen shot?

and I’m on an apple/safari

What I circled is what you need to tap on. It does take a few seconds though to change.

It does not on my phone. When I click on the 3 lines it brings me to this.

If I click on the calendar it brings me to this.

Apple users don’t get to see that view? I dunno.

Click on the aA on the URL line. That will bring up an option to request Desktop (or Mobile if you’re already on the desktop version).


Oh I see. That view only comes up on desktop view.

DW tells me to tap Aa and hit request desktop site

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Still nothing. I made a little screen recording to show that I’ve swapped to desktop and it won’t upload here. But it still does the same thing. Which is nothing. I just swap back and forth from monthly view to daily overview. Goodness gracious this is driving me bonkers.

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I’m not finding how to see the old view either. in post number 11 someone is saying “omg thank you”. I apologize for all the questions. I’m really not an idiot. Its honestly not doing anything on my phone.

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Oh boy.

You will have to use a laptap/computer.


After going to that link in post 11, use the crowd tracker to view like you want in the old format. (Since you already have your days tracked, just select “Crowd and Hours Tracker”)

I’m on my desktop. This is wacky.

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Do you mean that link is reverting to the new site? If so, manually type in “c.” in the url like shown in post 11.

Sorry about the complications. I dunno why Safari is stubborn with the desktop view on your phone.

Thank you for your time this morning, I really do appreciate you trying to help me. post 11 says “omg thank you.” On my phone and my desktop. So I don’t even see what you’re referring to. I’m over it at this point. I’m honestly just hoping they revert back to the heat map. It was flawless. There was absolutely no need to change it. This new format is for the birds all around. I’m sure I’m not the only apple user who no longer has this option.

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Glad to try to help. Sorry, maybe the old historical crowd calendar link is post 10.

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