New Disney Survey, June 10, 2020

Okay. Did the survey. This time I remembered to take screen shots. I screenshot every page, but I will post the ones that aren’t the standard questions like your age, race, etc. Okay. Here goes. I will post one screen per post.



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Changed my mind. I will post a few at a time. I think the forum software will block me from making too many posts in a row unless someone else replies.

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Keep them coming…thanks very interesting so far…


Annoyingly, the forum software reorders the images compared to how I selected them. Hopefully you can figure it out!

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And that’s it other than the questions that likely are for statistical purposes only.

Tagging @len as well, per suggestion.

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Thank you very much for this, it gives us a little insight into the current thinking at WDW.

So, it looks to me like they are interested in how much future guests know about the changes coming, given those changes how committed you are to coming and how likely you are to use the buses to get to the parks if you are coming.

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Right. Now the buses question I thought weird, because it ignored other potential forms of transportation. I wasn’t sure, then, when I answered if I was supposed to assume only buses were available, or if, knowing about skyliner or monorail, what was the likelihood I would still use the buses.

So I answered assuming the skyliner would be running.

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This is great! Thanks @ryan1 for posting! May I ask when your trip is for?

August 7 - 14.

Well… that’s the Disney part. We are doing Universal Aug 5 - 7.

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Thanks again! Ours is the week prior to yours so just trying to gauge who Disney is surveying based off of timeframe :blush:

Thanks for the info.We are waiting to see if reentry to the reserved park will be allowed. If it is not that will be a deal breaker for us.

I would assume that they are looking for data for planning purposes. The staffing of the Skyliner is pretty much a fixed number and it is easy to do social distancing (one family per car).

The number of buses and drivers needed to limit capacity for social distancing is a total unknown at this time. Throw in the question about are you flying or driving, many people with their own car could choose their own vehicle for social distancing in-resort travel.

Since we are driving, we could in theory avoid the buses…but really only for AK and maybe DS. If we drive to MK, we would still have to deal with the monorail or ferry, so might as well use the bus.

I also find interesting that they ask what your touring style is.

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It looks like they are also cataloging whether you are a “super fan” some of the questions.

I had to answer mixed. Truthfully, I wish we could do things more spontaneously at Disney like the olden days…but they have made it so planning is almost a must, so of course we plan!

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