My Children's Worst Trip to Walt Disney World Ever (A Live Trip Report)

And we begin… tomorrow! I have high aspirations to do a live trip report, but realistically, we’re likely looking at a summary at the end of the day after the little ones are asleep.

It’s a testament to how good of a place i’m in right now that i’m able to type this up at 10:15 PM the night before a 9 night/10 day trip out of state. Most such large trips, my husband and I are up until at least midnight scurrying about like Chip n Dale trying to get everything together. Not tonight. Call it 16 months of anticipation. Call it desperate to make this a “not awful” experience for my husband (that’s seriously what i’m shooting for- not good, not great, just “not awful.” Setting the bar pretty low), but I’ve been cleaning and packing with focus and determination for the past week. And it’s all paid off. With only a mild (understatement- SEVERE understatement) meltdown last night. But all is well tonight, and we are ready for tomorrow. House is clean, bags are by the door, breakfast is planned, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are made and placed strategically next to the beef jerky in the fridge so that we are guaranteed to forget none or both.

The important details: Myself, DH, DS(2), and DS(1). Well, 10 months, but for simplicity, we’re rounding up here. It’s their first trip, our second. This is a rescheduled trip from May when we were going to celebrate our 6 year anniversary. My mother in law was going with us, and she no longer is due to COVID concerns, so this is somewhat of a “trial by fire” for us as a family of 4. My husband and I have discussed strategies to keep us both sane. For him, mandatory alone time (my beloved introvert). For myself, mandatory Abracadabar time. And time on the porch/balcony hanging out together after the kids go to bed.

Our original plan was to stay in AOA Cars suite, for my Cars loving boy, and due to a need for separation from MIL. But since she was no longer going, we jumped at the chance (actually we hesitated, we talked about it, we ourselves were unsure about giving up the extra space. I even made a post about it) to switch to Yacht Club using a Priceline Express deal (thanks again, @JJT ), saving us about $1000 on our room.

What else… A big thank you to our Fairy Godmailer @HutchFamily. DS(2) has talked every day for the past week about going to see Mickey. He stares at the postcard of Mickey and friends and I am excited to wake him up tomorrow to tell him that “today is the day!” He also loves airplanes and we are flying so it’s a big day for him! For all of us. We’ll kick this off bright and early tomorrow. Flight leaves at 10:40 AM, and we’ll be landing around 1:00 PM. We have a Beaches and Cream reservation for 4:45 PM. And we’ll just hang out around the resort, getting settled, and preparing for MK on Saturday.


I’m so excited to follow your report! Whenever you get around to it, we’ll be here!


Thanks for following! I’m so excited too. Our little gremlins make things so unpredictable. It’s thrilling most of the time, and positively fear-inducing the rest. :grin:


By the way I tried my hand for the first time to carve Mickey into sourdough. It needs some work. Came out more like a hidden Mickey, which is okay too!


Yay!! Have a great time!!


It’s finally here! I am hoping for a lot better than “not awful”. :crazy_face: Make lots of memories! Excited to follow along.


Just remember: it’s all about the memories.



As my husband always says, “if it’s funny later, it’s funny now.” That’s what we’ll remember when the children are melting down simultaneously. Who knows, maybe one of us will join in too :laughing:


It’s 5:30 AM, half hour before my alarm goes off which I knew I wouldn’t need because DISNEY! I think my cell phone light woke up my husband next to me though (sorry babe!)

The plan is to do hygiene things (including washing hands after going to the bathroom- see other forum post where some aren’t convinced this is necessary), drink lots of water so we can dehydrate at the airport/airplane (avoiding the bathroom for a few hours), coffee, wake kids up, breakfast, change diapers, nurse the boys (wanted to have my two year old weaned by now- no dice on that front), take out the trash, clean breakfast dishes, put away any toys the kids pulled out, load the car, the list doesn’t end there- I better get off my phone and get started!


Me too! My husband is notoriously not fond of travel. He feels a significant amount of stress leading up to trips- always. But I love travel so I try to make it as easy and awesome as possible for him so that he continues to put up with it, even if he doesn’t look forward to it with the same enthusiasm. Usually it’s pretty easy to put together a good time, and I love the added challenge this time of these meddling kids!


Btw I’m hazing them a bit, but I am SO excited that our kids will be on this trip with use. Going to Disney as married, childless adults was a TON of fun, ridiculous amounts of fun, but I KNOW that this trip will be so much better because those kids are my heart and it’s just going to be awesome.

I keep mourning that I won’t get to see DS(2)’s face in many magical “firsts” but the next time we take him in 4-5 years, they will practically be firsts all over again so I’m really not worried about it. And plus, expressing joy comes in many ways besides smiles, as we all know. I don’t need to see his face- even his eyes- to know that he’s happy.

My boys for Halloween: we’ve got Baby-8 and Frodo Baggins. (First haircut was supposed to be at Harmony Barber Shop- since it’s still closed, it’s on the agenda for when we get home)


Yay! It’s finally here! I can’t wait to follow along. Your boys are adorable. Have all the fun!


Have fun!!!


Have fun. I got back on November 4 and still need to finish my trip report for the last two days! I was too tired at night to do a “live” one.


have a great trip! safe travels!


I’m pretty sure I’ll fizzle out, but ima try to stay up on it as long as I can! I even brought the laptop to write up summaries at the end of the day.

We’re on our way to the airport. Listening to “Hamilton” on shuffle. DS(2) is disappointed- we have a playlist with the 3 king songs and he would listen to those on repeat all the time if we let him. He gets bummed when we listen to all the songs.


Have a fantastic time!


Love this. Your husband’s a smart guy. Sometimes we get caught up in daily stress too much and forget to enjoy and laugh at those silly moments as they come. Hope you have an amazing trip!


That’s a smart kid you’ve got there. He has impecable taste in musical selections!


This I can relate to!!!

So excited to hear more about your trip! Have a wonderful flight and a great first day!